El Final del Paraíso, Season 4/Episode 23: El plan de ataque (Plan of attack)

El Final del Paraíso spoilers for Thursday, September 12th find Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos) defending Doña Hilda Santana (Catherine Siachoque), Catalina Marín Santana (aka, Cata 2, played by Carolina Gaitán) still missing, and Daniel Cerón Venegas (Juan Pablo Llano) facing off with Edmundo “Sombra” Dorantes (Mauricio Cujar). We also find Yésica “La Diabla” Beltràn (Kimberly Reyes) dealing with an old acquaintance as the organization prepares to interfere with the trafficking meeting. If you missed it, let’s catch up with an El Final del Paraíso recap.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Partnership

Cata Grande and “Agent Valeria” meet with Alfonso Berrio (Leonardo Acosta) and Lucrecia Olivares (Eliana Diaosa) today to discuss Berrio’s desire to work with them. Lucrecia immediately thinks Diabla is familiar, and Diabla knows she is. The woman shared a cell with her just before the accident that led to this new face. Diabla covers by saying she must have just seen someone who looks like her somewhere, and Lucrecia believes that it is Diabla’s energy, which Lucrecia believes everyone gives off. She feels familiar.

The meeting soon gets back on track, with Lucrecia wanting to know about their backgrounds. Cata Grande tells her story, which has been slightly exaggerated with the 2016 continuation series. Ain’t no nacros interested in Cata Grande’s small boobs, except for one: Mauricio Cardona (Danilo Santos). The other two she slept with (Aurelio “El Titi” Jaramillo, played by Gregorio Pernía and Marcial Barrera, played by César Mora) didn’t mess with her until after the implants. She also got coerced by two bodyguards to a narco, but hardly the “most famous prepago/slept with half the country” story they’re trying to sell now. Berrio and Lucrecia are impressed with her honesty and how she changed her life.

“Agent Valeria” claims that she joined the DEA after narcos killed her family. Lucrecia wonders if vengeance is “Valeria’s” motive. She responds that she wants the same thing Cata Grande, Lucrecia, and Berrio want: justice. The meeting ends with an invite to this drug trafficking meeting, but Cata Grande isn’t sure the DEA will allow them to work with a candidate like that. “Valeria” suggests they be invited as panelists to the event, which the DEA later agrees to. Before they leave Berrio’s office, “Valeria” drops something, then flirts a bit with Berrio.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Old “friend”

As we mentioned, Lucrecia and Diabla once shared space. Lucrecia was undercover at the time, and purposefully put in the same cell with Diabla for supposedly being a corrupt DA. She had tried to chat Diabla up, but Diabla wasn’t feeling very friendly at the time. She did eventually open up, though, which is how Berrio and Lucrecia now know there is a puppet master in their country.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: News spreads

The magazine with Doña Hilda on the cover is making its rounds today. First, Catalina sees it. She’s devastated that this is giving her mother a black eye. She travels to the house for a reason we’ll get to in a minute, but when she finds a ton of reporters outside, Cata Grande actually impresses us. She calls them out for being sensationalist people with no respect who should be putting good, inspiring stories out there. She then takes every single thing that ever happened with Doña Hilda on herself, claiming that her mother did an excellent job and pulled herself up by her own bootsraps. It was Cata Grande and her brother who were bad children and went against everything they were taught in a quest for easy dirty money. We applaud her for showing this glimpse of the badass Cata Grande that appeared in Season 2 and quickly devolved again into an older, slightly more moral version of her Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso self. We also have to admire her owning her own stupidity and selfishness, as well as not apologizing for who she used to be.

There is a reality check needed, though. Doña Hilda can’t parent to save her life. She either lets them run wild and whine about not getting respect when she does nothing to command it, or shelters the kid to the point where they literally were not allowed to, you know, live at all. She actually painted a yellow line outside the house and told Cata 2 if she ever crossed it alone, tragedy would strike.

Okay. We’ll stop now. Anyway, Titi also sees this magazine and TV interview with Cata Grande, which he uses to bait Mariana Sanín Santana (Stephania Duque) and Dayana “La Demonia” Muriel (Elianis Garrido). Berrio and his team also see these and think they’ve definitely got the right woman for the job, while Mano Negra (Juan Pablo Gamboa) and his people are counting the minutes until they take Cata Grande out.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Preparations

The big meeting is taking place tonight, and El Titi is on the job. It’s his duty to create a bomb that will take out a bunch out pretty much everyone there. Titi thinks this is his chance to show up all these up-and-comers and prove that he is the real deal. Experience matters, after all. He has the bomb placed in a car just outside the venue, where an unconscious guard is now locked in the truck right next to it. When the meeting begins, Titi appears tries to warn Cata Grande to get out of there.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Building trust

Sombra speaks with Daniel today and puts our Phantom reporter (he seriously wears a mask that looks a lot like the famous one from the musical after sustaining serious burns in a fire) to the test. He gives Daniel one week to get as much dirt on Santiago’s other ex as possible so they can prove his innocence. He even apologizes for the way he brought Daniel to his hideout, but he promises that he’ll have the biggest story of his career.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: No trace

Cata Grande learns that Coronel Granados (Luis Fernando Bohórquez) uncovered video footage of what appears to be the simultaneous abductions of Cata 2 and Hernán “Nachi” Darío Bayona (Juan Pablo Urrego). He doesn’t have any real leads, though, and Cata Grande is unsure how to break this news to Doña Hilda

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Don’t try it

Back at Diabla’s place, Esteban Calvo (Manuel Gómez) is giving Albeiro Marín (Fabián Ríos) a bit of freedom when Diabla returns. He immediately puts the mask back on to keep him from seeing Diabla’s new face. She’s in a good mood after being successful earlier, as well as seeing the magazine about Doña Hilda. She decides to taunt Albeiro a bit by getting behind him and pulling his mask up enough to allow him to read the article. He tries to turn around at one point, but Diabla and Calvo stop him from seeing her. Calvo threatens to kill him if he tries something like that again.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Remorse?

Finally, Salvatore Miranda (Martín Karpan) is still smarting from that exposé and avoiding Doña Hilda’s calls when he sees Cata Grande’s interview on TV. He actually seems a bit shamed by his behavior, but he can’t bring himself to call and apologize yet.