El Final del Paraíso, Season 4/Episode 22: El dolor de Hilda (Hilda’s pain)

Your El Final del Paraíso recap finds Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos) juggling multiple priorities, Natalia Bérmudez (Linda Baldrich) stating the obvious, and Daniel Cerón Venegas (Juan Pablo Llano) meets Edmundo “Sombra” Dorantes (Mauricio Cujar). Yésica “La Diabla” Beltrán (Kimberly Reyes) also gives her slave his first assignment. If you missed it, let’s get to your El Final del Paraíso spoilers.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Juggling priorities

Cata Grande meets with Marcela Pinzón (Diana Franco), Gabriel (Ricardo Henao), and Sandra (Alejandra Monsalve) today to speak about the disappearance of Catalina Marín Santana (Cata 2, played by Carolina Gaitán) and the escape of José “Jota” Luis Vargas (Francisco Bolívar) and Santiago Sanín (Roberto Manrique). They go over the facts of the cases, including the fact Cata Grande has not reported her sister’s disappearance to the authorities because it hasn’t been 72 hours. She does have Natalia, who is also there for this meeting, on top of the situation. Vanessa Salazar (Estefanía Gómez) is also there, and says that when she spoke to Jota, she got the feeling he was possibly being threatened. None of them who know Jota and Santiago believe they had this idea. They’re sure that one of the others was the mastermind, and Santiago helped with the details.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Do I know you?

Besides the escape and Cata 2 disappearance, Cata Grande is dealing with some official business today. Alfonso Berrio () wants to meet with her and “Agent Valeria” to discuss the role they could play in his fight against trafficking, should he win the election. Cata Grande is happy to work with him, but there’s a complication possibly for La Diabla and her cover.

Berrio also asked a woman named Lucrecia Olivares (Eliana Diaosa) to take part as well. If he wins, he wants her to take a brand new position he wants to recreate that will fight trafficking in a “thoughtful” manner. When he introduces her to Cata Grande and “Valeria”, Lucrecia says “We know each other” to Diabla. They do, too. She’s got a new face now, but Diabla was once put in a cell with Lucecia. Lucrecia had been gathering information as a supposedly corrupt prosecutor.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Stating the obvious

After leaving the meeting with Cata Grande and the legal team helping Jota, Vanessa and Natalia have been talking about the situation with Jota. Vanessa still can’t understand why he would escape like that, especially since they had a lawyer working to help him. He would’ve likely been placed on house arrest and been out by now. She also is upset that the only one who can help back up his innocence is missing. Natalia states the obvious by suggesting that it was perhaps Paola Pizarro (Alejandra Pinzón) herself that committed the murder and Jota is trying to protect her. Vanessa can’t believe she didn’t already think of that.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: First task

Albeiro Marín (Fabián Ríos) gets his first assignment from La Diabla today. He is to call Doña Hilda Santana (Catherine Siachoque) and tell her he hates them from ruining his life, and that he wants nothing more to do with her, Cata Grande, or Cata 2. He also is warned to tell her that the phone will be disconnected. He does as told, which pleases Diabla. She promises that he’ll get his first dose that day, along with “Valeria’s” brother.

His other reward for being a good boy is to get to play with his son for a little bit. But Esteban Calvo (Manuel Gómez) will be keeping a very close eye on him to make sure he stays in line.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Evil stepmother?

Doña Hilda is dealt a harsh blow today. Salvatore Miranda (Martín Karpan) drops by with a copy of a magazine that features Hilda on the cover. She’s excited at first, until she sees the cover blurb promising a look into the dark past of the new fashion week sensation. Oops. She opens it up and sees that the headline asks if she is Cinderella or the Evil Stepmother. The article discusses Doña Hilda’s daughter, which Hilda denies telling him about. She’s not sure how he learned about this.

He can’t believe that she told her story to someone she doesn’t even now that just showed up at her door. He thinks this is going to ruin her career, and leaves. It appears their budding relationship might just be DOA now. Doña Hilda, of course, is upset and cries.

Hearing the commotion, Lizeth Muriel (Margarita Torres) comes in and asks what’s going on. Doña Hilda shows her the article and wants to know what she’s done that’s so terrible for people to want to destroy her. Lizeth says that when people like Doña Hilda shine, jealous haters try to extinguish their light. Right. Not saying that stuff doesn’t happen, but she really shouldn’t be acting like such an innocent flower.

El Final del Paraíso spoilers: Meeting Sombra

Sombra kidnaps Daniel today and brings him to their hideout. Daniel wants to hear about his story, but Sombra thinks that trust is earned and it will come in time. Daniel counters that the way he was brought here doesn’t exactly inspire that. Sombra promises that he’s going to talk soon, and it will be the best story that Daniel has ever told.