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netflix how to build a sex room

Netflix: How To Build A Sex Room Will Shock and Surprise Home Makeover Fans

Leave it to Netflix to start a new show about home renovations. This one is a little bit different though. The new series, How to Build a Sex Room will be hosted by Melanie Rose, who is a world-famous designer. This will not be a typical interior design show. In fact, it will focus on how to make spaces more intimate.

Netflix: The Premiere

This show will premiere on Netflix on July 8 and it has gotten a lot of rave reviews so far. Rose has been working with many couples that want their homes to have a space for their intimacy and their fantasies. This is why she decided to work with those who do want a sex room in their home.  Many of her clients call her the “Mary Poppins of sex” and this is why they turn to her for help.

Netflix: How To Build A Sex Room Will Shock and Surprise Home Makeover Fans

In one of the clips for this new show, we will see a broad range of the sex rooms that she has designed. Rose told the cameras, “When people hear the words ‘sex rooms,’ they concentrate on the word ‘sex.’ And that connotes ‘dirty’, ‘disgusting’. Sex rooms are not disgusting. A sex room can be anything from a sumptuous bedroom to a dungeon under the stairs. But when I design them, they can be beautiful.”

The clip for the premiere gives us a sneak peek at some very elaborate rooms and bathrooms. There is one bathroom that features a black bathtub that is surrounded by candles and has sex toys hanging all over the walls. There are also pink and purple flowers hanging above the bathtub. Many of the rooms are very simple with sex toys placed around them. There are rooms that are filled with lingerie as well. No matter what, these rooms do look fabulous and Rose was right when she said that they are not dirty. They are very classy in their design and her work is fantastic!

This is a whole new look at home renovations and Rose tells viewers, “Sex rooms can be works of art. They can be fantasies. They can be anything my client desires.” If you are a fan of home renovation shows, this may be one for you. It will be different and you may blush a little bit, but you will see just how Rose’s work is one of a kind and she takes her time with her clients and creativity.

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