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Netflix Pulls Out Of Russia Over Vladimir Putin’s War In Ukraine

If you happen to be living in Russia and are huge Stranger Things fans, this might come as bad news to you. There are new reports that say Netflix has decided to pull the plug on Russia over their decision to invade Ukraine. Russian subscribers have lost access to streaming giant Netflix in the latest pullout of a Western company over the conflict in Ukraine. Here’s what you need to know.

The Netflix site and apps are no longer available and a Netflix spokesperson has confirmed that subscribers no longer have access to the streaming platform. “This is the fulfillment of the withdrawal from the Russian market” announced in March, a Netflix spokesperson said.

Netflix Pulls Out Of Russia Over The War In Ukraine

The online streaming giant announced in early March that it was withdrawing from Russia after Moscow sent thousands of troops into pro-Western Ukraine. The spokesperson said the company had waited until the end of the current billing cycle before cutting off customers.
Netflix is the world’s leading streaming platform, with 221.8 million subscribers at the end of 2021, but was a minor player in Russia. The company said in an April letter to shareholders that it had lost 700,000 paid subscribers as a result of its withdrawal from Russia, blaming the pullout for its first global drop in subscribers in a decade.

Meanwhile, Russian forces continue to pound Ukrainian positions in the country’s Donbas, which Moscow has described as an “unconditional priority.” A French journalist was killed by Russian artillery in the Donbas area, a local official said. If that weren’t enough, British intelligence sources were quoted telling media outlets that Vladimir Putin was seriously ill in the last week. However, rumors about the condition of the Russian leader, long known for his healthy lifestyle and love of sport, have surfaced periodically for years.

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