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jeffree star sells los angeles california mansion

Jeffree Star DUMPS Los Angeles For Wyoming, Finally Sells His LA Mansion: “Moving Out of California FOREVER”

The days of Jeffree Star living in Los Angeles are completely over. As of his latest vlog. he has officially sold his LA mansion and he is committed to spending the rest of his time in Wyoming. He vlogged the moving process, showing footage of the movers getting everything out of the house and his assistant, Maddie, was along for the ride.

Apparently a lot of the things in his house were being taken to the studio space, but everything that was being packed for this particular vlog was actually being sent to Wyoming, to the Star Ranch – we’re guessing, unless Jeffree has another space in Wyoming that he’s storing all of his stuff at currently.

Jeffree Star finally sells his LA Mansion

The mansion has been in escrow three times, but this third time was when the deal finally went through and Jeffree Star called it “the charm”. He said that it seemed like yesterday that he was packing up his Calabasas house, even his assistant said it seemed like just yesterday that they had moved into this house and it has been three years.

However, he says that now that he’s been in the house for three years and he got the “biggest and baddest” house on the block that he doesn’t feel a thing now that he’s selling it. He says he’s “over it” and had already checked out of the place mentally a long time ago.

Apparently, he will be taking the giant “Louis Bench” with him and he has a vision for it, he says that he will put it in the middle of one of the yak fields so that he can sit outside and have the yaks come up to him and pet them. Honestly, with a big steel bench like that… we couldn’t think of a better way for it to continue to serve its purpose.

It’s a huge bench, probably the same length and height of one of the yaks themselves, but it’s black and had Louis Vuitton print on it. All of his Louis Vuitton merchandise is currently winging its way to Wyoming, or probably already there.

He says there will be some things left at the studio in California, but he checked out a year and a half ago mentally. He drove his last pink car to the studio, and bid the Hidden Hills house adieu, so all of the rest of his vlogs will probably be filmed in Wyoming. Stay tuned!!!