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Makeup Artist Pat McGrath Labs sues Jeffree Star cosmetics

It seems that makeup artist Pat McGrath has decided to pull out the big guns and try to sue Jeffree Star cosmetics. Why? Because of the fact that they used ‘fetish’ in a palette name. It would seem that Pat McGrath labs is famous for being a little trigger-happy with lawsuits. It doesn’t take a lot of research to find where PMG has been involved in dozens of lawsuits since 2017 suing over equally trival things such as product names.

They are trying to get the market cornered on two words, it would seem “Divine” and “FetisH’, in one lawsuit against a smaller brand they claimed that they smaller brand Rose Inc couldn’t use the name Divine because it infringed upon their product name.

Pat McGrath Labs sues Jeffree Star cosmetics

However, in the other lawsuit, Rose Inc points out that lots of other brands use the word “Divine” in their products so PMG is going to have to do better. Now they’ve decided to sue Jeffree Star cosmetics, a $40M company, but don’t write Pat McGrath off yet – the company itself is worth $800M, far more than Jeffree Star cosmetics, so, the question is… will this be the battle of the titans… over a name like ‘banana fetish’?

It wouldn’t be the first time something this petty made it to court. One wonders however what judge would actually take it seriously, but money talks and since makeup can be a billion dollar industry the judge probably knows exactly what’s at stake.

Jeffree Star himself has not said one word about any kind of lawsuit, and he probably won’t acknowledge it, seeing as he’s not about acknowleding drama these days. The only thing you can really find out about all of these lawsuits online is the fact that they were filed, there’s no real juicy details, at least… not yet.

It says a lot thought that PMG labs has been in so many lawsuits of the same nature since 2017 though. One would think as a make-up brand got older that the likelihood of lawsuits would decrease but we guess not. Stay tuned!!!