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Why Was Jeffree Star Kicked Out of Houston Rodeo?

It would seem there is a video circulating tiktok right now that has Jeffree Star being kicked out of a Houston Rodeo. Now, at first some people were speculating on whether or not it was fake because the hair was long and pink(ish), but anyone can wear a wig and let’s face it, it’s Jeffree Star, it may be a rodeo but he is coming to the party in full glam. Apparently, it is real and this is the story of what actually happened.

Jeffree Star’s makeup artist, BoomKat was with him, (BoomKat is also affiliated with Hair by Jay if any one of you remember the entire Trisha Paytas drama from a couple of years ago) and apparently some girl at the rodeo came up and started harassing BoomKat and Jeffree went off.

Jeffree Star kicked out of Houston Rodeo?

Jeffree decided to come, claws out, in full defense of his friend. It’s not really known why this girl started harassing BoomKat but apparently that was the story behind what actually happened. It was also theorized that people were selling Jeffree Star merch at the rodeo out of their trunks but that was proven to be just a rumor because as it turns out the merch was Selena merch instead. (How on earth did that rumor get started? Selena and Jeffree Star merch look nothing alike!)

Some people were saying that he wasn’t actually kicked out of the rodeo but rather chose to leave after a group of people started being homophobic towards him and his friends. If that be the case we can’t really blame him for walking out. No one should have to put up with that.

Although, one of the comments on the video was priceless, “Next Tiktok – Jeffree Star buys Houston Rodeo” considering he just practically shut down a Balenciaga store by dropping $50K in one trip at a location?

That honestly sounds like it may be the next move. Hey, he has the yak farm for it, now he just needs an entire rodeo! Maybe he’ll make rodeos the next fashionable thing to show up at… we’ll need something after this pandemic. Stay tuned!!!