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What Is the Real Reason Jeffree Star Moved Out To Wyoming Again?

Jeffree Star was decidedly an LA influencer back in the day, he built his Empire in LA and for the most part its still located there. But now, it seem that he has enough money that he just wants to escape the rat race of LA and settle down out in what appears to be a Yak Farm in Wyoming.

Some people have smalltown dreams, it’s true, but according to a certain tiktokker that wouldn’t be the entire story behind Jeffree’s big move out of LA and out to Wyoming. This particular tiktokker named Miki, said that there was a lot of things that went on behind the scenes that no one was talking about that was apparently perpetuated by the IG influencer scene.

So, why did Jeffree Star move out to Wyoming, again?

Which included Jeffree Star’s cancellation. Miki didn’t really go into detail (then again you only get 3 minutes on tiktok if you’re lucky.) but he did say that his friend Boom, the same friend that Jeffree showed up at that rodeo with, was apparently put in some pretty horrible situations by Jeffree and that he is a straight-up narcissisist with what appears to be a bad drug habit.

Miki did go into detail about one particular incident in which Boom called him crying last year, when Jeffree had made him drive out to a warehouse in the middle of a town called Gilette in Wyoming where Jeffree was set to get his “fix”.

He didn’t mention what this fix was, but we can assume that it was some kind of illegal something. He said that at the warehouse Boom was confronted by scary men who made fun of his sexuality and the place where he was originally from in Mexico, it was unclear whether or not Jeffree joined in but it was pretty clear that he said nothing to defend the person who had risked it all to drive him out to a sketchy area in the middle of the night to meet goons who could have very well gotten rid of them both, if they’re into the kind of things we think we’re into.

No wonder Jeffree did a collab with a pistol company, he probably needs it! Stay tuned!!!