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Youtuber Jeffree Star launches candles?

Jeffree Star has launched a new collection called “Lavender Lemonade” which means that everything in it is some shade of lavender, including his hair, he had it done up for the launch specifically. But a new thing that he’s added to this particular collection is candles.

What does a Jeffree Star candle smell like, you ask? Lavender Lemonade, of course. He also has a calming face mask imbued with lavender, as well as a lavender scented face mist that is being launched under his skin care brand. He says that this scent is his favorite so far. He has also added bath salts.

Jeffree Star launches candles?

No, not the kind that makes you eat someone’s face off (although, that would be oddly on-brand for Jeffree Star), actual bath salts that you use to take a bath with. No, Jeffree Star has not branched out into psychadelics, but… you never know with Jeffree, he likes to have his hand in a little bit of everything.

He also has a lipscrub that he insists makes your lips look “juicy”. Of course he has a matching lavender makeup bag for the collection, just like the pink one he launched with his other collection. There is also a crossbody satchel available that looks a bit like a mini-backpack for those of us who grew up in the 90’s and remember that fad well. It’s not as mini as some of the ones that were popular back in the day but its definitely reminiscent.

What would a Jeffree Star collection be without a tracksuit? There’s a lavendar windbreaker available as well. He showed some moments “on set” for the skincare launch and said that it wasn’t as crazy as one of his makeup launches because they weren’t going wild with looks, but he definitely wanted to give everyone a “lavender moment”.

There were no dogs in this video, no mention of the ranch, just old school Jeffree Star rambling on about his brand – speaking of he’s celebrating 8 years as a brand, wow – and serving us an eyeshadow look that I wish he had elaborated on, but perhaps in another video. Stay tuned!!!

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