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Youtuber Jeffree Star Becomes a Hermit After Moving To Casper, Wyoming

In the most recent video that he posted on his YouTube channel, Jeffree Star admitted that for the past two months that he had not done much traveling outside his Casper, Wyoming Ranch.

In his latest video he was sad because one of his team members has an ill family member and had to leave, unfortunately it’s the same person who watches after Jeffree Star’s dogs on the daily, so does that mean that Jeffree Star is slowing down? No, it just means that he’s staying closer to home these days and working on “longer term projects” because his dog family needs him. Awww.

Jeffree Star becomes a hermit

He is apparently serious about getting out of LA though because his house is in Escrow, which means that they are in the final stages of selling it and he should be at his Casper, Wyoming Ranch full time now.

He didn’t say a word about moving Jeffree Star cosmetics to Wyoming, so we’ll assume that his business address will stay in LA along with all of his warehouses and such. It would make sense for the business to remain in LA, even if Jeffree is not there himself, simply because a lot of the business infrastructure is already in LA, it would take a lot to set up a cosmetic company from inside Wyoming, I would think, even for someone worth as much as Jeffree Star. Thank God for the internet though, at least he can run his company from afar.

That’s not the only thing he left in LA, apparently he left his veterinarian there as well! Since he hasn’t been back to LA in awhile, he had to find a vet in Casper to fix his puppy, Donatella. Sweet little Donatella had the big spay done and she was very groggy in the video, she’s only five pounds, according to the video, which is good sized for a Pomeranian, but nonetheless, tiny. It’s hard to imagine a dog her size out playing next to huge Yaks, but there it is. Let’s hope Jeffree finds a new dogsitter soon. Stay tuned!!!

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