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Jeffree Star Drops video About His “Star Yak” Ranch After Coming Under Fire For “Slaughtering and Selling His Pets” For Meat!

Recently, Jeffree Star has come under fire about his Star Yak ranch and how at first he said he was just using the Yaks for fiber and for pets, but now he’s selling yak meat which has drawn the criticism of some fans because they thought that he was slaughtering and selling his own pet yaks for meat.

Apparently this isn’t true, he has a herd of 120 “pet” yaks that he just uses for fiber purposes and at least in the video that he uploaded proceeded to show how he goes out there and brushes them every day and sends off the hair to the fiber mill, which he says could be an entire video in itself. It would be interesting to see how he collects the yak fiber and what exactly he does with it, but that’s not what this video is about.

Jeffree Star drops a video about his ranch

Jeffree dropped the knowledge that yak meat is actually some of the leanest, healthiest meat on the market. However, no one’s talking about it. But there is some commentary floating around out there that said that the meat was so bad that someone had fed it to their dog and not even the dog wanted it – we can’t verify that story but it is some of the commentary that’s floating around out there.

Jeffree says that he has 120 “pet” yaks, really 125 yaks because they just had 5 new babies, but every yak that he keeps has a nametag. The yaks that he sanctions for meat, do not have nametags and he does not interact with them on the daily.

Honestly, that’s a smart move when it comes to farming. A lot of big commercial farmers do keep animals, but they don’t name them and they don’t really interact with them past feeding them and the basic care that they have to have. He did show the yaks that were going to be sold for meat, and all of those yaks are completely different looking than the ones that are his pet yaks.

They are very dark colored and looked almost like musk ox or bison, whereas all of the pet yaks are golden yaks or at least light in color. He implied that he is on a health journey and now wants to know where his food comes from, since he was eating fast food every day when he lived in California and didn’t take that into account back then. He says he hasn’t eaten fast food in two years.

He also says that his yak meat is now being sold at the Fire Rock resteraunt in Colorado in the form of a burger… anyone want to do a taste test? Stay tuned!!!