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Jeffree Star no longer sporting the Voldemort Chic look

It looks like for 2022, Jeffree Star has decided that his regular, gaunt look is out and he is now sporting a fuller, healthier looking figure. For the longest time, in fact ever since he came on the scene, Jeffree Star has been compared to Voldemort and has sported a drawn, ultra-thin look. (We’d say Heroine Chic, but it’s not quite that extreme.)

But lately we’ve been noticing that Jeffree’s looks have changed, it seems that liviing in Wyoming has softened his look and shall we say… fattened him up? Obviously, he’s not in danger of being on 1,000lb sisters or anything, but in his latest video where he’s reviewing the Valentino makeup, his cheeks have definitely filled out just a bit.

Jeffree Star no longer sporting the Voldemort Chic look

Granted, he was in a car accident last year and pain medication and anti-inflammatories can serve to sometimes pack on the pounds. Though, that was awhile back. Also, he’s not living the LA lifestyle anymore and is in a place where he might ingest actual, oh I don’t know, calories for a change so that might be a thing. Also, there was a rumor that Star Ranch might just be selling some yak meat, so… could he possibly be sampling the products?

Yak burgers definitely might pack on the pounds. Considering how tiktokker Miki said that he doesn’t allow drivers to drive up the road to his house and makes them stop at the gate that’s a mile away, then its hard to imagine that he would have, say, uber eats or postmates deliveries.

However, he did recently take a trip to Italy, Milan (or Milano, to quote Jeffree) to be exact, where he assured the audience that it wasn’t for a vacay, rather it was all business where he had traveled to makeup labs, the same labs that manufacture Valentino’s line of makeup, in order to produce something for Jeffree Star cosmetics.

On his channel he tried out the Valentino line and a good portion of it, as well as the Guerlain face powder, was Jeffree Star approved, although, he could not approve the bronzer on a chain, no matter how neat he thought the aesthetic was.

It was hilarious how a lot of the things were sold out at the Valentino counter and they kept telling him to come back next week when he wouldn’t be there. Maybe Jeffree needs a house in Italy? He did float the idea about perhaps someday. But getting back to his weight gain… maybe it’s just that time of the month, and Jeffree is retaining water. Stay tuned!!!