Univision Como tú no hay dos Spoilers: Premiere lightens the TV mood


Univision Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal this series is off to a great start. It follows the story of two men who look alike (played by Adrián Uribe), but whose lives are totally different. It’s a far cry from what was previously in this time slot, and a welcome change from some of the more serious and dramatic programming.  Let’s take a look at this show and a couple of great moments from the premiere.

Univision Como tú no hay dos Spoilers: About the show

This one is a remake, as we’ve found a lot of novelas are. The original version was called Amores de Mercado and aired in 2001 in Chile. There was a second version of this series, called Quién es Quién, on Telemundo back in 2015. Funny enough, it starred a couple of actors you might have read about on here. Kimberly Dos Ramos of Rubí was in this version, as well as Danna Paola (La Doña/Elite). Another version of the story released in 2003. That’s also credited to Telemundo. While each has their differences, there are also a lot of similarities.

In most novela remakes, the basic story stays true to the source material. In this case, it’s about lookalikes who come face-to-face and end up in each other’s lives. Only, it’s not exactly willingly in one person’s case. Not surprisingly, the two men are also twins. So, how’d the first episode go?

Univision Como tú no hay dos Spoilers: So ridiculous, it’s awesome

The biggest standout moment happens when Antonio “Toño” Cortés Molina (Uribe) is trying to do a good deed. Let’s go back a second to see how he got there. Toño was out buying a birthday present when he comes across Ricardo Reyes Alonso. They’re both shocked by the resemblance, but it’s Ricardo who reacts the worst. He backs away and ends up getting hit by a car. While he is rushed to the hospital and wakes up not remembering anything, Toño is trying to do the right thing.

With people assuming the two are related, a bunch of Ricardo’s stuff ends up in Toño’s hands. He uses the wallet to figure out where this mysterious double lives. When he arrives to deliver the belongings and bad news, he’s pulled into the most insane situation.

Turns out, Como tú no hay dos spoilers indicate a wedding’s in the works. And it’s Ricardo’s. Everyone assumes Toño is the groom and shoves him down the aisle without letting him get a word in edge-wise. Toño stops the ceremony, but everyone just assumes he’s losing it and he gets sedated. When he wakes, he ends up making the choice to keep his mouth shut because this house is so much nicer than his own. However, there’s always a downside.

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Univision Como tú no hay dos Spoilers: Conning the con

Okay, he doesn’t exactly seem like this horrible crook. Just a guy who is fed up and wants much better than what he has. He just might not get it there. The woman Ricardo was to marry is actually involved with someone else. In the other stand-out moment of the episode, we learn this whole relationship appears to be a con. She’s just in it for the money. The grass is definitely not greener here, people. And we love it.

Univision Como tú no hay dos Spoilers: The other side

As for Ricardo, he has no clue who is he. But, Toño’s family ends up finding him in the hospital and takes Ricardo back with them. There’s a clear complication here. As confused as he is, and as obvious as the head trauma was, he senses something. There’s a scene where he says he can’t believe he lives in a place like this. Eventually, we believe he’ll remember the truth. We’re just not sure he’ll do much about it. Como tú no hay dos spoilers indicate a neighbor came to visit, and it’s obvious she sort of has a thing for Toño. Ricardo seems just as attracted to her, and we think he’ll stick around because he’ll be too in love to leave. However, we’re sure it’ll follow a typical situation here and they’ll face issues when she learns the truth.

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