Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Gran Final brings resolution and cliffhangers

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Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers reveal Manuel “Manu” Montero (Álex Perea) closed the season out with a final case win. But it also got pretty heavy, while other things were left unresolved. Let’s take a look at how the Gran Final played out. And stay tuned. As soon as we learn any news about the future of the series, we’ll let you know.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Winning

First off, let’s talk about Manu’s last case of the season. As you might remember, she’s a blind child whose seeing eye dog was stolen. It’s probably the saddest case we’ve seen, but also our favorite. See, these guys that stole the dog do this often. They apparently demand ransom. If the person can pay, great. If not, the dog never goes home and they use it for certain purposes. That’s why we loved seeing Manu take a couple of them out with his dart gun before rescuing the dog, Marley. It was a nice moment to see Rosy light up when she realized her friend was back. So, what else happened?

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Reflection

This episode was definitely a fitting season finale. A lot of reflection went down, most notably with Manu. He hated himself for not giving Andrea Loera (Jackie Sauza) that kiss she asked for before leaving. Manu also questioned himself, and how he handled things with Berenice Hidalgo (Tania Niebla). He thought himself a coward for it all. However, Catalina Gómez Juárez (Dacia González) was there to help.

Like the good mother figure she is, she reminded Manu that he is anything but a coward. He risks his life all the time to help others. Plus, things happen in relationships and they don’t work out. It seems Bere was feeling reflective as well, because she later made sure to tell Manu how much she appreciates him. They were cool moments where the characters got to clear the air and hopefully move forward in a better position next season. If there is one. We think the odds are good. Even Leticia “Lety” Murillo (Ligia Uriarte) did some reflection after a talk with Doña Cata. She realized it was better to just enjoy her happiness with her new guy and forget about the past, or trying to make things right with Manu.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: The unresolved

Now, let’s get into the unresolved stuff. There was one sort-of resolution here. Besides all the character reflection and forgiveness, that is. Manu now has Andrea back after Nico (Ricardo Franco) cut his losses. He left her in a forest with a phone to call for help. Manu is now happily reunited with his love, but there’s still some big stuff for future seasons. For instance, whether Nico will be caught or not. And Andrea’s behavior definitely hints at someone who’ll be working through some massive trauma.

In other Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers, we don’t have a resolution to Doña Cata’s blind trust in Juan (Tomás Goros). She’s still planning to marry the guy in a hurry. And he introduced a bunch of fake family into the mix to cover up more lies. We have the feeling this will be a hard one for Manu to solve one day, and it’s going to be a massive blow to their newfound peace with each other. And we think on some level, Doña is being willfully ignorant of the situation.

Finally, we still have Horacio Escamilla (Fermín Martínez) running around free and making new deals. Plus, he has a new helper after losing Ángel Armando Soto (Jorge Navarro Sánchez). Not to mention the conditional temporary freedom of General Brigadier Mora (Anna Ciocchetti), who’ll surely be trying to find out who took Andrea. Overall, though, we thought it was a nice ending to the season and will have fans anxious to see a new season.

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