Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Can Nico pull off the con?


Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate Nico (Ricardo Franco) is seriously scrambling to cover his tracks. It’s working so far, but we think he’s heading for only a couple of options and neither are good. Honestly, he deserves it. This character has turned into something worse than some of the bad guys. Let’s take a look at what happened and where this might go.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Double trouble

So, as we mentioned last time, Nico has more than one problem here. Because he kidnapped Andrea Loera (Jackie Sauza), he has General Brigadier Mora (Anna Ciocchetti) suspicious. He also has Horacio Escamilla (Fermín Martínez) taking credit for the abduction and using it to his own ends. He knows that if Area 16 digs too deeply into this thing, they’ll learn Horacio doesn’t have Andrea. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands on Wednesday. Staying hidden, he confronted Horacio and his men, saying there’s no way these guys have Andrea. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers say it’s a bold move, but he has a couple of motives here.

One, he wants to keep Horacio from getting what he wants as well the previously-mentioned risk of Nico’s own exposure. We do think that he has good intentions, work-wise, because we haven’t seen any other evidence to say he isn’t committed to the work Area 16 does.

Secondly, he wants to get rid of Manuel “Manu” Montero (Álex Perea), the guy who stole his love. To that end, he contacted them via message to offer up Manu. Both Horacio and Nico will get what they want without Horacio causing more damage. It’s a good plan, but we’re not sure it’s going to work out in the end. Here’s what we think he’ll try to pull this off, and what might go wrong.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: The plan

So far, it looks like Andrea has mostly been drugged and/or blindfolded during their time together. It was be easy for Nico to lure Manu with him to “rescue” Andrea, only to let Manu die in Horacio’s ambush. Then, he can go back to his hideout and “rescue” Andrea, claiming that he barely survived the attack that killed Manu. He can look like a hero without incriminating himself. But here’s where his problem is.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: The issue

First of all, Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate that Leticia “Lety” Murillo (Ligia Uriarte) is back in the picture. Once the source of all kinds of suffering for Manu, Berenice “Bere” Hidalgo (Tania Niebla), and Catalina Gómez Juárez (Dacia González), she went through some stuff this season. Including nearly dying more than once recently. She approached Doña Cata claiming that she wants to help them. And it looks like she might have, somewhat. She remembered some information about Andrea’s kidnapping. She’d been in the area trying to figure out how to get in touch with her former victims. She shared the info with Doña Cata, then remembered a song she heard coming from the truck she saw.

Secondly, Manu and  Nico haven’t exactly been getting along on this little journey into an ambush. They ended up arguing and got into an accident. We’re not sure if this is part of the plan, or not. If it wasn’t? Nico’s in an even bigger mess. And we can’t wait to see him pay.

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