Telemundo La Dona Spoilers: Gran Final left more questions than answers


Telemundo La Doña spoilers reveal season 2 is in the books. We’re not quite sure how to feel about that. This one left stuff open, but unlike with Operación Pacífico, the official account is ignoring questions as to whether there will be a season 3 or not. Even today, there’s been no acknowledgment of the questions on the La Doña account, or the Telemundo one. If this is the end, let’s take a look at how everything turned out.

Telemundo La Dona Spoilers: The good

Let’s start with some good stuff. Despite the things still up in the air that leaves us wondering whether there will be more, we did get some resolution. La Doña spoilers indicate that most of the bad guys got exactly what was coming to them. All of the revenge squad is dead, except for Romelia Vega (Kika Edgar), who’s currently cooling her heels in solitary confinement after being beaten to a pulp in jail. José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda) paid for his sins as well. After deciding to protect his serial killer son, he’s left alone without his son, his company, or his money.

However, the greatest payback was literally saved for last. The episode ended with Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) and Braulio Padilla (José María Galeano) met face-to-face to exchange his son for her sister. The thing is, Braulio underestimated Altagracia’s cunning. And her cruelty. Deciding eye for an eye is the best revenge, she had a doctor help Diego Padilla (Leo Deluglio) before meeting for the exchange. While he was saving Diego’s life, though, this doctor also added a little something extra at her request: a bomb. Literally, she had a bomb inserted in his body. After everything he did, it was nice to see Braulio go out like he that. And while knowing he and his son were going out the same way Mónica Hernández (Danna Paola) did.

In addition, because Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández) helped Altagracia catch and torture Lucho Navarrete (Bernardo Flores), she avenged her sister and the other victims finally. After leaving Lucho in the hands of León Contreras (Carlos Ponce), she left town to start her life over with Adolfo Mendoza (Claudio Roca). It was a nice ending for her, although the actual scene felt a bit rushed. Still, plenty of stuff went unanswered.

Telemundo La Dona Spoilers: The unresolved

The biggest thing is that while Regina Sandoval (Andrea Martí) is safe and sound, we have no resolution to the tensions between her and Altagracia. There’s also no indication of if she lost her baby, and there’s something big left open between Altagracia and León. Just before she blew Braulio and Diego sky-high, she’d called León. She’d confessed to Lucho’s disappearance as well as other crimes. This is a big thing to be left out in the open. We also don’t know what León will do with that information. That leads us to something else.

La Doña spoilers reveal he let Noelia go. More than that, he encouraged her to go off and live her life while he deals with his own conscience. That was a clear sign of what he’d do next, and it looked like he did. León drove Lucho somewhere, then pulled him out of the cop car and beat him more for what happened to Ángel Contreras (Diego Escalona). Then, it looked like he’d kill him. But we never actually saw that happen. Instead, we saw José Luis hear several gunshots, then race off. One can assume a couple options. One, José Luis finds his son’s body. The other, León and José Luis meet and have a confrontation, one they won’t both survive.

Then there’s Eunice “La Felina” Lara (Maricela González). The last we saw her, she’d been followed by some cars. She’d tried to take off with her son without Interpol knowing, but it didn’t work out. Instead, a couple of cars cut her vehicle off and she and her son are now hostages of Manuel Padilla’s (Luis Xavier) wife, who literally just popped up out of nowhere. It was a real WTH kind of moment that also leaves a lot of questions. Since that was the last we saw of her, this also means Felina and Altagracia were never able to resolve the war they’d called a brief truce to. It’s weird, as they made a point of saying they still had to deal with the problems between them.

Telemundo La Dona Spoilers: Overall

For the most part, we like the season. However, we think season one was better and had a much more satisfying conclusion. We knew the cries for a La Doña 2 were likely the only reason the show continued, as it was an obvious one and done finale. Now, we’re not sure what’ll happen with these characters. If they don’t come back and do a proper resolution to everything, it does the series a disservice. Yes, the ratings were not great, and we can see reasons why. But there is a fanbase out there, so we think they need to do right by the story and at least do a movie event or a very limited season. We do, however, give them one advantage—at least they didn’t pull an El Final del Paraíso powerpoint ending.

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