Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Manu’s last case of the season brings new challenges


Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers reveal we’ve seen Manuel “Manu” Montero’s (Álex Perea) last case of the season began on Thursday night. It’s going to be a tough one, as he’ll have to deal with recovering from a huge accident as well as Andrea Loera’s (Jackie Sauza) disappearance. Let’s take a look at what’s going on and preview a situation that has us grossed out.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Lucky breaks all around

Lucky for Manu, he survived the accident in the previous episode. However, both he and Nico (Ricardo Franco) were injured in the crash. That was the first bit of good luck for him in this one. The second came when Nico found out Horacio Escamilla (Fermín Martínez) and company were on the way and got them all out of there before they were all in danger. But some of Manu’s luck will be Nico’s misfortune.

As we mentioned Leticia “Lety” Murillo (Ligia Uriarte) is back. And she just happened to see the van that took off with Andrea. Thanks to her spying, the Area 16 team has two key pieces of information. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers reveal the first is they had it wrong. Video footage of the area confirmed Lety was right about it being a plain white van, instead of one with a symbol as Area 16 was led to believe later.

Two, Lety hummed a song she remembered coming from the van. That song has now made its way through the group, and General Brigadier Mora (Anna Ciocchetti) is even more suspicious than ever. We believe it’ll be a toss-up between Lety and Manu for who realizes what song it was. She’s currently searching radio stations for it, and Manu actually heard it before the accident. Eventually, he should remember. Although, we are leaning toward Lety being the main source.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers:

There’s one thing that should delay things a little. A young blind girl named Rosy appeared in this episode, and she’s been bullied for her disability. While walking home with her seeing-eye dog, a man who appears to run a dog fighting ring stole her service animal. Honestly, it shouldn’t have happened. We’re amazed the girl wasn’t allowed to take him in the store with her. But we’re even more surprised that the guard just left the dog standing there. The thief demands a huge ransom, and they don’t have the money. So, the little girl suggested contacting “Gus”, Manu’s online alter ego. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate this might be a challenging case.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: What we see

First off, Manu has a lot on his mind. He’s multi-tasked before, but the pressure is really on. His love’s life is at stake, and they have little-to-no leads. But the biggest issue is the execution of a rescue. He just got out of the hospital, so he’s still injured. We haven’t seen him deal with that yet this season. He’ll need every bit of stealth (and tranquilizer darts) to pull off a win. And we really want this one. Taking a blind kid’s service dog is about as low as one can go.

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