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Youtuber Jeffree Star Releases His “Inner Freak”

Just in time for the holidays, Jeffree Star has released his “psychedelic circus” collection. If the wedding collection he released was all about neutrals and being a grown-up then this collection is, to quote Jeffree, “All about releasing your inner freak” so everything in the pallette is brightly colored and in some cases glittery.

There’s an odd number of colors in the pallette too, originally he wanted to make it an even number but finally settled on 21 colors saying that the pallette didn’t work any other way. We’ll take his word for it.

Jeffree Star releases his inner freak

Another thing that we’ll take Jeffree’s word on – he says that “mushrooms are amazing” and that creating this collection was “part of his healing journey” which leads us to believe that there may have been a reason why he moved all the way out to middle of nowhere Wyoming.

It also brings to mind that tiktokker that did a whole slew of storytimes about one of his friends who said that Jeffree Star had basically put their friends’ life in danger by making them wait outside a warehouse late at night with shady characters.

Were the shady characters guarding the magic mushrooms? Seriously, that sounds like a quote directly out of a Mario game, but in this case one has to wonder if that was involved. We know that Jeffree sells some marijuana paraphanalia, but is he going to expand that paraphanalia to include magic mushrooms? Or does he already have his own strain he sells on the side?

There’s a reason he’s worth $40M, and yes, the majority of that is because he has a booming makeup brand, but when you hear things like this your mind goes places – even without the help of mushrooms.

Aside from that, Jeffree also said that this pallette was about him getting back to his love of makeup and that he had a lot of fun making it – we love that for him.

Along with the pallette, he released some liquid lipsticks and some liquid eyeliners, but he said that his liquid lipsticks are also “eye safe” meaning you can use them as eyeliner as well, which is just weird to think about but considering the price point of these cosmetics we’re glad that they’re at least versatile. He even has lip balm and a spray-on skin serum.

For those of you wondering, you can relax, the makeup is not infused with “magic” mushrooms, but rather snow mushroom (non-hallucinogenic), mimosa, and rose water (specifically for the lipbalm and skin serum), Jeffree said that the new ingredients were very hydrating to the skin, so that’s a plus.

There’s also mirrors, a glow-in-the-dark and a non-glowing version, makeup bags, and hats, but Jeffree said that the hats didn’t make it to his house in time for the video – woops! Apparently this collection is set to be released on Nov. 11th. Stay tuned!!!