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Update As Youtuber Jeffree Star Suffers Scary Dental Emergency

This is one that we weren’t really expecting from Jeffree Star. According to the most recent entry on his tiktok page, he had a dental emergency. It would seem that Jeffree had one of his front teeth fall out.

Now, if it were any other person they wouldn’t have made the video until everything was done at the dentist’s, but not Jeffree – he practically scream-laughed all the way there in his brand new car. Don’t you just envy how someone like Jeffree Star can have a catastrophic dental emergency and just go cackling all the way there in his ferrari like the evil Queen in Snow White?

I mean, they practically have the same net worth value. 

He found a little family dental center and took video of them putting his crown back in. In one of his pinned videos he said that he had now located to Wyoming permanently and that as for LA, he “doesn’t remember her”, of course he still has his business back in LA and probably Jeffree Star studios is still in LA where he does all of his photoshoots, but as for his home base? It’s out of Wyoming now and LA is a distant memory.

How did Jeffree Star’s tooth get knocked out? Good question, he didn’t elaborate, but we’ll offer some speculation here. Our first thought was maybe one of the Yaks got a little too over-affectionate and head-butted the tooth out, or perhaps it wasn’t one of the affectionate, pet yaks and they just kicked him but certainly Jeffree Star has some burly ranch hands around to help with the extra heavy lifting when it comes to his animals. Then again, who says it has anything to do with the yaks?

He could have just been partaking in fall festivities and eating a candied apple when it all happened, tis the season for candy after all, even though Jeffree has said he has sworn off all fast food but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t indulge every once in awhile. Or perhaps there was a catfight at the ranch that no one’s tweeted about yet… Stay tuned!!!