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Jeffree Star has sponsored youtube ads now?

Sometimes, when visiting the youtube homepage you’ll get sponsored ads by certain creators. Like, just a few months ago there was a glut of ads run by the creator “Classically Abby” that had people scratching their heads, because in spite of being the sister to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, no one had every heard of her before she started running ads on youtube.

That isn’t the case with every creator, obviously, but a lot of the more well-known creators have not resorted to running youtube ads simply because they get enough revenue from their channel.

Jeffree Star has sponsored youtube ads now?

However, we guess that financing a new way of life and moving to a new state and taking care of a whole herd of livestock has made a financial impact on Jeffree Star, so much so that he’s started running some sponsored youtube ads on the site. These tend to pop up on the main page now and again, and they’re colorful and tell the tale of how good a company that Jeffree Star cosmetics is.

We’re not denying that he makes good cosmetics, but we are wondering why someone who i worth $40M needs to run youtube ads, even though he has literally never run them before. Does this mean that Jeffree Star cosmetics didn’t do so well in the last year when it comes to the old dollar signs?

It look like he may have gone down a tax bracket or two, because in 2021 Jeffree Star only earned $30M. Ouch. That’s quite a dig compared to what he was earning pre-pandemic, buying California mansions and doing documentaries. Although, maybe that is the reason why he’s been so out of the picture, maybe he’s just not doing as well financially and just doesn’t want to be public about it so he’s just downsizing and making do on what he earned.

That might also explain why he has branched out into so many other businesses, skin care, the cannibis supply business and now his yak farm. Some might think he’s grasping at straws for anything that might stick if the beauty industry ever goes under.

We seriously don’t think that will ever happen unless there’s a massive extinction of the female presenting variety, but like every business it has its dips and bobbles. Jeffree’s probably just looking for a good back-up, until then, he’s going to hock his brand on sponsored youtube ads because why not stick with what works? Stay tuned!!!