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Love After Lockup: Kevin and Tiffany Update

On the last episode of Love After Lockup, we discovered that Kevin claimed to be done with Tiffany. He found out that she was seeing their friend, Kurtis and when he got this news, he was very upset. Kevin was there to pick up Tiffany from prison, now that she is getting out, and he learned that someone else was coming to get her.

Love After Lockup: Kevin Gets Angry

When Kevin got home, Kurtis was there to get a little too mouthy. Kevin punched him and ends up out cold. While Tiffany has been in prison, she has made a lot of new friends and been very flirty. Kevin and Tiffany have been dating while she has been in prison and he was very happy to see her on the outside world finally. Kevin really had no clue that she had been flirting with other men on the outside and Kurtis just happened to be one of them.

Love After Lockup: Kevin and Tiffany

Kurtis has known Tiffany since they were in high school and they even dated for a bit in their early years. He has always had a thing for her and when she was in high school, she was part of the popular crowd. He thought that he wasn’t really good enough for her back then, but now he is all buff and tattooed and thinks that she really does like him.

Kevin just knew that he would be picking Tiffany up during her release and as the day came closer, she began to act weird. She told Kevin that she had it all taken care of and that he didn’t need to come and pick her up.

He got very suspicious by this behavior and decided to go to the prison to see what was up. When he got to the prison, Tiffany basically ignored him and he saw Kurtis there packing up Tiffany’s things. When Kevin punched Kurtis, Tiffany got pretty upset.

Tiffany told cameras, “I didn’t want there to be any confrontation. This was not the type of release date I had imagined for myself.” Kevin confessed that after all of this, is “done” with Tiffany and she can have Kurtis. He is ready to move on with his life and hopes that things will look up for him now that he is rid of her. He even mentioned that he may call his ex-girlfriend and see what she is up to these days.

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