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Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Dies

In the world of reality television, it is always incredibly sad when one of the shows loses a cast member. Love After Lockup is now mourning one of their own. Tracie Wagaman has passed away. Tracie died on July 1 and there has been a lot of speculation about what caused her death. The Clark County Office of the Coroner recently announced that she died from methamphetamine toxicity.

Love After Lockup: The Signs and Symptoms

When the coroner examined her body, they noticed that there was a small condition in her body that matched up with meth use. She had atherosclerotic heart disease. After examining all of the autopsies, the coroner did rule her death as completely accidental.

What is methamphetamine toxicity? This is just another way to classify a death as an overdose on methamphetamines. There had been some drug addiction in Tracie’s past and it looks like it may have come back to bite her.

The sad news of her death happened literally about a week after she had her second child. She announced on June 25, on Instagram Live that she had a C-section and had her baby girl happy and healthy.

She told her fans, “We’re both healthy. We’re both happy. I had surgery so I have to stay here for three days.” Tracie’s family is incredibly heartbroken and they have all started a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of her funeral. They wrote, “Our family is deeply saddened with our loss. We know she had many friends and followers who were pulling for her. She had a heart of gold.”

The outpouring of love is real in her family and they continue to add kind words to the GoFundMe page. Her father wrote, “The pain is real. The tears were real. The love was real. We know she is at peace now. She will be with us forever. She was loved by so many. She will be missed, loved, never forgotten. We were able to raise enough money to cover her funeral costs. The rest will go to her children.”

In the midst of all of this sadness, there have been some horrible rumors going around about her death and a lot of it is coming from her exes. One cast member from Love After Lockup, Luke Loera, spoke out about her death and rumors. “I suspect foul play. I don’t know who did this, but whoever did this will pay for this. I think it was foul play. I think she got some type of drug, which was fentanyl. I did a little investigation on it. I don’t know all the details.”

Our hearts go out to Tracie’s family during this tough time.

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