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‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lindsey Downs – When Will She Be Released?

‘Love After Lockup’ spoilers find that Lindsey Downs has shared her story with us. She is currently facing a few charges and fans of the show are curious to see just when she will get out for good.

She has a very quick temper and her lack of judgement helped to put her behind bars yet again. Of course, this makes her the perfect candidate for shows like Love After Lockup.

‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Why is She In Prison?

Lindsey has made a lot of bad decisions in her life and most of them have been worthy of sending her to prison. Her relationship with Scott Bradshaw pretty much went down the toilet when she broke the law yet again.

Of course, viewers thought that she was just using him for his money, which seems to be more true than we first thought. Her new charges made him realize that he needed to move on and he needed to stop trying to fix her.

‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lindsey Downs – When Will She Be Released?

It only took a few weeks for Lindsey to land back in jail and go back to her old ways. She was arrested on some serious charges back in June and in July. She was found with meth on her and she had enough of it that they convicted her with intention to distribute.

This broke her parole because it is a felony and she went back into jail. Not only did she have meth, she also stole a car and ran from the police when the cops tried to arrest her. Things just are not looking up for Lindsey and some of her fans think that she will be in jail for many more years to come.

Scott has opened up about Lindsey and he posted a long statement on his Facebook page. It read, “I know I am going to get BOMBARDED with questions and such regarding the final episodes of the show coming up.

Most of you know I’m really not at liberty to discuss much. But what I will say is very similar to the Tera Bell scenes and several others. I was not privy to, present or even aware of some of the scenes and conversations during the filming of the show, by design.

From this point forward in the show, my relationship with Lindsey was for all intents and purposes over and I’m by no means perfect, but I chose to handle myself one way, and she chose to handle herself another way.”

It looks as if Lindsey will be released in March of 2022 if things go as she hopes. Perhaps this will give her more  time to think about the things that she has done and try to salvage her relationships with those in her life.

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