Tana Mongeau got left for one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan

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Tana first started off this video by saying that this happened during the time in which she was dating “Mr. Beiber” which I am assuming is Justin Beiber, but she never said his first name so it’s either him, someone who looks like him, or someone closely associated with him.

We’ll give some wiggle room for legal purposes here. She also called him a brat and said that he was cheating on her during this time and that it was a dark time for her all around but that she is saving that epic storytime for a book.

Tana Mongeau got left for one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan

Can’t say we’re not disappointed in having to wait, but hopefully, one day, that story will be worth it. This would be right before she hooked up with Jake Paul and in fact this whole time in her life kind of led to what made her hook up with Jake Paul so here’s what might have been.

She said that durng that time one of her prospects for dating was Taylor Holder but that that was “kind of a joke’ and ‘praise God’, which, wow, the level of shade there. Yike! By the way, was anyone thrown off slightly by the fact that Tana said that she attended “Sunday Service”?

I mean, I’m kind of amazed she could walk into a church without spontaneously combusting but in the same breath she mentioned that Jeffree Star might have been at the same Sunday Service so if he can walk into the Lord’s house without bursting into flames then I’m guessing the man upstairs decided he had bigger fish to fry than Tana that day.

Tana said that she was on a dating app called “Raya” which, seems to be a dating app which is only for iPhone users, no such luck for android users but I guess in order to be dating celebrties one has to be able to afford an iPhone first.

Tana says that she was trying to be a basketball wife, which gives us some insight as to who this guy was, even though she doesn’t give any names. She says of the guy that he was one of the most nicest, successful people that she has ever talked to and she doesn’t wish him any ill will, so I guess that’s good.

In fact, in the entire video she had nothing but good things to say about this guy and said that they had a genuine connection and that he respected her and didn’t try to get with her the first time they were together. They talked and it was great, he even had his own personal chef cook her dinner for their first meal together.

In fact every time they were together, they had nothing but a great time, Tana was the messy one here though. The second she would leave this guy’s house is when she would go hook up with one Jake Paul.  And the thing is that’s not the only day it would happen.

The next day she went back to his house to hang out and then the second she left she went and boinked Jake, because she and the guy didn’t hook up (I’m not sure what kind of logic that is, but okay), but her guilty conscience ended up getting the best of her because she thought that he knew she was hooking up with Jake because one day he just randomly mentioned that Jake was one of his favorite online people.

Now let’s do the six degrees here. Jake is an online influencer, mostly, but during the time that this was happening he was getting into the sports arena. Yes, he’s into boxing now but sometimes athletes play other sports in order to keep in shape or train, and sometimes they share a gym.

Tana’s probably thinking along the same lines I am and is probably thinking that since Jake may run in some of the same circles this guy does that he had heard it through the grapevine about her and Jake. Even though she still wanted this guy, whom she said was a good guy, she still went to hook up with Jake afterwards.

She said that the athlete wanted them to take a vacation together and wanted that to be their first time together, but Tana ultimately chose Jake. She said she really wasn’t ready to be a “courtside wife” and wanted to try out being a wild and reckless youtuber – I think she succeeded beyond her wildest dreams there – and then the guy came back and ended up choosing of the Kardashian-Jenner clan immediately afterwards.

She didn’t say who it was, but I’m willing to bet it was Kendall because right now Kylie has her hands full with babies and a business, Kendall is not married yet and doesn’t seem to have any buns in the oven, also she referred to the girl as “A Jenner” in the beginning and Kendall Jenner is often referred to by her first and last name.

She said of the experience that even though she ultimately got what she deserved, it still hur tto know that in the end this guy chose someone miles better and 100% less messy than she is. I mean, honestly, I can see it. Stay tuned!!!

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