Youtuber Tana Mongeau Just Won’t Stop Coming for Bella Thorne!

So, recently Bella Thorne made a song about Tana called “SFB” which stands for “Stupid Freakin’ Bitch”, okay, I guess she’s still in her feelings about the whole break-up (it’s been a year and a half though), and just wants to be shady AF.

It’s alright, we all have that one ex that we’ll be salty over until the day we die and for Tana that seems to be Bella, and it looks like the feeling is mutual So mutual, in fact, that Tana made a video addressing the song, with all of her friends.

Youtube – Tana Mongeau just won’t stop coming for Bella Thorne!

Imari, Ashley, and one other guy friend were literally all there and they were going off about the music video, but first this roasting session was led by Tana who started off with a toast to Bella, crediting her with the only reason that any of then have OnlyFans and the only reason any of them have any money because apparebtly Bella was under the impression that Tana and Ashley copied her.

Then Imari was the second to join in, reading his tweets at Bella, slamming her for not doing as she she would and helping to “normalize” sex work and then literally breaking the platform. He had also said that literally no one was trying to copy her, which, if you’re an OG Tana fan you will know that isn’t true because Tana had her OnlyFans first, and Bella got it shortly thereafter. So that was a straight-up lie by Bella. 

Imari continued coming at her with other accusations, one about Bella making her assistant cry over a grilled cheese sandwich and making her remake the dish (note to Bella: Hire a personal chef. Asisstants are known for their administrative skills, not for their cooking skills. Just FYI.)

He also told a personal story about an experience his little sister had with Bella in which she came away from the meeting with the assessment “Bella Thorne is rude lol.” she’s not the only one who had that opinion of her Ashley had that opinion of her within 5 minutes of meeting Bella apparently. (Not really trying to take sides here but if Tana Mongeau’s friends think you’re rude then you need to make some different life choices.)

They got into the video and the shade throwing continued, on both sides. Allegedly Bella has hired the new girl that she is with to play Tana in her music video. This is one part we can’t really verify for sure, but if I were the girl in question I’m not really sure how I would feel about that.

I mean, dating someone and then, one day they approach you and ask you “Hey, could you play my ex in a video?” Either this girl is a really good sport, they’re not actually dating, or she has some major self esteem problems. The first and third reasons are super sad if you think about it. Let’s hope that maybe this is a purely professional relationship.

When it came to the verse about Tana wanting Bella for clout, Tana was quick to point out that she only wanted Jake for clout, which, honestly, no one is surprised by that admission at all, not one person on the face of the earth.

But then she went on to say that Bella doesn’t pay he employees because she hired a sibling to direct the music video, and she also said that Bella took credit for illustrations that ModSun did in a book for her. Yike! You know, I’m really not trying to take sides here because both sides are equally messy – but none of this looks good on Bella. Yike. Stay tuned!!!

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