Tana Mongeau Gets Involved In the Claudia Conway/Kellyanne Conway Nude Pictures Situation

Tana Mongeau has just started a hashtag on twitter called #justiceforClaudia for Claudia Conway, she is tweeting about the situation to do with Kelly Anne Conway “accidentally” posting nude pictures of her 15 year old daughter on her Twitter fleet by “mistake” allegedly.

Even though the pictures have long been deleted because that’s just the way a twitter fleet works, it was still wrong and the hashtag has slowly begun to gain traction and with Tana’s 2.5M following, something is bound to be done about this.

Tana Mongeau gets involved in the Claudia Conway situation

Claudia had an 18M long live with Tana, during which her Mom called the cops. Kelly Anne says that Claudia has an “addiction to her phone” but that was only a problem when Claudia started speaking out about the abuse that she was being put through by her Mom.

The cop in question decided to hang up the live, and Tana said in one of her tweets that everything has gotten so much worse. She is literally afraid for Claudia’s life right now, and since they both come from similarly abusive backgrounds, I’m kind of glad that Claudia has someone who has connections in media that believes her because it looks like the adults in charge don’t want to do one thing.

Some might say that Claudia is a wayward teen and that she’s just doing all of this for attention, but if someone actually took the time to listen to the tapes that Claudia posted, then perhaps, just perhaps, they would be on her side.

Also, what Kelly Anne did was technically revenge porn, she posted nude selfies of her daughter in order to prove a point, that she was wild and uncontrollable but you know what? Kelly Anne has been her only influence so far, so keep that in mind as you’re evaluating how this young girl was raised.

Just because someone is a wealthy, white “christian” woman doesn’t meant that they always have their child’s best interest at heart, the pharisees were religious too and we don’t look upon them too kindly. Just because someone is an advisor to a president doesn’t mean that they don’t have skeletons in their own closet.

Kelly Anne is getting a pass from some of the adults in this situation because of who she is and how could she be a trusted presidential advisor and a commentator on Fox News if she were that bad? Before you ask that question, please look back a few weeks and realize just who she was counselor to, and then you might just realize why this girl is calling for help.

Also if you’ll remember, all four years of the previous administration was fraught with scandal after scandal, all under Kelly Anne’s watchful eye so no matter what she counseled the President on, her advice couldn’t have been that great.

Maybe Claudia isn’t handling this very well, but please consider the source of her stress, please consider how we just got out from under our own abusive regime, and have a heart for this poor 15 year old who’s just trying to do the same.

I’m glad that Tana has brought attention to her plight. This is the kind of thing that her platform was made for. Go Tana, get Claudia the help she needs. Stay tuned!!!

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