Is Youtuber Tana Mongeau Flaking On Engagements Because She’s Being Over-scheduled? 

Tana Mongeau offered an explanation for her previously flaking on engagements, and that was that her previous team had her overscheduled for things. She also said that her previous team (without naming any names) kind of didn’t really care about her, so, that raises some eyebrows in Jordan Worona’s general direction.

Now, from Tana’s MTV series, Tana Turns 21, we all saw a different picture from Jordan. He looked like the White Knight, like the guy who really cared about Tana and he always seemed to come out in the right.

Youtube: Tana being overscheduled? 

I’m not saying that Tana is always wrong, because a broken clock is right twice in a day, but Tana, it seems was portrayed as very childish and came off in a really bad light but Jordan? He was an angel.

Some of that may be real, but some of it seemed a little too good to be true, in my eyes at least. Yes, Jordan did a lot to help Tana, but in my opinion it looked really carefully edited to seem like he was the one who was always in the right.

You never saw him really lose patience with Tana, not even when she was going postal about going to the doctor, not when she was screaming about being forced to ice skate (by the way, why not let her sit on the sidelines? It was pretty obvious she wasn’t really into that), he was really portrayed in a really saintly fashion and it seemed a little.. contrived.

Also, the fact of the matter is, Tana had all of her scandals while she was with Jordan. If Jordan had actually cared about Tana as a manager you would think he would have done his part to manage said scandals and make sure that her reputation didn’t suffer but it honestly looked like he sat off by the sidelines and let her self-destruct.

There was also the unsavory things he did to SimplyNessa15’s career by labeling her as mentally ill and dropping her in order to become Tana’s full-time manager, then pairing her with a black manager whom she said that she didn’t get along with.

So, when Tana says that she was overscheduled and her management team didn’t really care? I kind of believe her.

Jordan has also been linked to Trisha Paytas, whose motto seems to be “the more they run your name down, the more your price goes up”, it just seems that Jordan likes managing messy girls and really likes seing them self-destruct while under his management. Is that a good thing?

No. That’s tragic, because he’s in a position to really help these women and it doesn’t appear that he does. Spinning a narrative that makes you look good while the person your making money off of looks worse and worse? Not a good look, can’t we all agree? Stay tuned!!!

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