Frankie Jonas Tattoes Youtuber Tana Mongeau’s Name On His Leg – Why?

It seems like Tana Mongeau’s favorite Jonas Brother has tattooed Tana’s first name on his leg in a tiktok video. She dueted the video and was practically jumping up and down! She was so excited, she even took to twitter, tweeting in all caps about the experience.

She said in the video description that she was now a sister to the Jonas Brothers’ Charity work. Frankie did say that he did this tat to remind him of the fans, and apparently that’s where Tana comes in, because she is a fan.

Unfortunately for Tana, Frankie did mispronounce her name, he called her “Tana Monjello” but he did get her first name right and its their on his thigh for all eternity.

Youtube: Frankie Jonas tattoes Tana Mongeau’s name on his leg

Although, I have to ask, dang Frankie, not to body shame but the guy seems to skip leg day… like.. all the time. I’m amazed he could find a space on his thigh that wasn’t pure bone and therefore excruciating.

(I have friends with tats and apparently if you get one on a bone it hurts really badly) Whatever the case, Frankie seemed to be pretty chill with the location of the tattoo and didn’t flinch as he tattooed her name into his leg.

So I guess it didn’t hurt that badly? Or perhaps that was the advent of clever sound editing because we all know that titktoks can be really well-edited.

Either way, now, one of the Jonas brothers has Tana Mongeau’s first name tattooed on his leg for the duration and we’re all kind of wondering why, but I suppose he did it for the fans, or for charity like Tana said so I’ll chalk it up to him taking one for the team.

(Seriously, what kind of brand deal sponsors you for tattooes? Just have to wonder there.) Tana seems to be really, really excited about this. Does this mean that she’s going to invite this guy to come on her youtube channel or do a tiktok with her or something? Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising, I mean she was pretty excited.

Now it would just be up to Frankie to accept the offer, perhaps after the pandemic is over and everyone’s had a vaccine, I could see him accepting the offer then. Tana, honestly, she would do it without the vaccine, but I’m not sure Frankie is that foolhardy, but we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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