Youtube: Tana Mongeau felt trapped

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In an interview on the Unfiltered Podcast recently, Tana confessed of her time on her MTV reality show that she felt trapped. She said that the Tana she portrayed there was not the Tana that she wanted to be at all.

She said that she had started her youtube career as a person with nothing to lose but had slowly built a career in which she had everything to lose, and people kept telling her that unless she kept up a certain persona that she would lose everything.

You have to feel a little bit sorry for her there because no one wants to lose everything. You also have to wonder just who on earth these people were, Jordan, the MTV execs, other influencers, who? She didn’t name names but you just have to wonder who planted such a seed in her head.

Youtube: Tana Mongeau felt trapped

She said that this mentality also contributed to her wanting to ‘escape’ and her addiction problems. She finally had to take herself aside one day and say that “Old Tana would never approve of this, you’re not being true to yourself.”

I think that may have been around the time she hired the life coach in an attempt to get sober. She had also said that her previous team were like chickens with their heads cut off, so that didn’t help matters either.

You have to admit that doing TV, even if it’s just a web series for a TV network, is way different than just doing social media. Youtube, instagram, tiktok, all of those are edited by the uploader and the uploader edits what people see, so they can paint themselves in any light that they like.

However, sometimes when it comes down to a TV network doing the editing – people don’t come out looking so good. (See Deavan Clegg, from 90 day fiance.)

In Tana’s reality TV show she was portrayed pretty badly, and while we’re pretty sure that a lot of the blame goes to her, now we wonder just how much of that was just her being under pressure and not handling it well.

When you’re a high profile person, sometimes it’s tough to admit that you can’t juggle everything and people are just expecting too much. At 21, most kids are still learning how to function as human beings in the real world and Tana had to do that while she was still very much in the public eye.

While I’m not patting her on the back, I’m not eager to villify her that much either, ultimately, Tana’s got a lot of growing to do.

I’m glad that she has gone back to being the person that she feels most comfortable being. I’m glad that she has said that she’s going to be authentic Tana again. Now if we could just get a few explanations out of her, things would be, well, almost gucci. You still can’t change the past. Stay tuned!!!

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