Youtuber Tana Mongeau About Death Threats & People Trying To Kill Her In Denver!

Love her or hate her, YouTuber Tana Mongeau has a lot to say on her videos. She has written songs and done story time videos about her life and her exces. She recently posted on her social media accounts that she was in Denver, Colorado, but she had gotten some death threats.

She shared on her Instagram Story the news of what was happening and her fans were shocked that someone would do this to her.

Youtube: The News of Death Threats

Tana posted on Instagram, “What’s up, guys? Fun Fact. Actually, really really sad fact. Earlier when I posted ‘Bye, Denver’, I actually wasn’t leaving Denver at all. People were threatening our home and trying to kill us there. So, now I’m in a hotel. Storytime?”

This all started on December 26 when Tana posted that she had landed in Colorado. She took to social media to explain that it was very cold there and she also was staying near the Stanley Hotel, where Stephen King got his inspiration for writing The Shining.

Youtube: Tana Mongeau – Death Threats

She took to Twitter to share more about where she was and she thinks that she put out too much information and that is what caused a stalker to find her.

She tweeted, “I just found out I’m staying five minutes from where the Shining was written about.” Tana pretty much triangulated herself by making this post and anyone can do a simple online search to find out where she was staying.

When it comes to online stalkers, many YouTube personalities have a tendency to have followers that email or message them some creepy things. Tana wasn’t aware that it would actually happen to her in real life.

She has since deleted the Tweets about being in Colorado and many of her fans think that she really was terrified of this person that was stalking her and the friends that went with her to Colorado. Other fans really do think that she gave out too much information and that is how one of crazed fans found her.

When in the public eye, it is important that celebrities watch what they say about their locations. It may not seem that serious, but when you have to change hotels, this is pretty serious. Tana has had a stalker before that broke into her house and she ended up having to move because she was so scared to be there.

You can keep up with Tana on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for updates.

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