Youtuber Tana Mongeau Needs Dental Work

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On the Unfiltered Podcast, Tana Mongeau recently talked about something that we can all relate to, and that, is dental work. Apparently, she said that when she was younger, her parents never took her to the dentist which is its own set of problems, and then as soon as she could when she was able to, she got veneers.

Now she is having terrible issues with the veneers because the teeth underneath aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be. Poor Tana, as of the time of that podcast, she was on antibiotics for what could only be called drainage in her mouth.

Youtube: Tana Mongeau needs dental work

Yike! No wonder she hasn’t been doing very many storytimes, it probably hurts to talk. I’m not excusing any of her behavior by any means, but pain can often force on into silence. In this case, lack of her normally long storytimes.

A lot of pro youtubers say that it takes them a long time to actually film a video, whether that be a 10-15 minute long video or a long 45 minute long full-fledged storytime complete with screenshots. Either way if you have any kind of pain it’s going to wear you out and make sure that you don’t get what you were going to do done today, we all know that feel.

And even if you are on pain medication for dental issues, often pain medication can make you so loopy that you don’t even have half a brain to concentrate.

The only thing that concerns me with Tana is that she says that she was on antibiotics and she had drank alcohol at the podcast, she said that she was sure she shouldn’t have been drinking while on her medication and hoped she didn’t black out.

That’s concerning, but honestly, knowing Tana, I’m pretty sure she’s made the exact same mistake before and lived, so, I’m concerned but I think she’s okay. At least that’s what we’re hoping for.

One of the hosts asked if she could get all of the dental work done while under general anesthestic and Tana said that while she could, she kind of prefers not to? At least that’s what I could gather. Oy, hopefully Tana bites the bullet and gets to a dentist soon, that has got to hurt, stay tuned!!!

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