Youtuber Tana Mongeau Really Was In Love With Jake Paul!

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Tana Mongeau admitted that her feelings for Jake Paul were 100% real in the Unfiltered Podcast. She said that in the months leading up to their marriage, that she really did love him and that even though it didn’t end up working out, they were still best friends.

Awww! She said that he was still one of her favorite people and he was still the one that she would call if she ever needed to hide a body, she also said that he had already helped her out of some pretty precarious situations but wouldn’t really elaborate on what those were, so that’s kind of interesting.

Youtube: Tana Mongeau really was in love with Jake Paul

She also said that she was only a little bit acquainted with fame when she entered Jake’s world and then that’s what got her trapped and feeling like she couldn’t do anything. Granted, Jake had a more traditional rise to celebrity than Tana, he went from being on Vine when he was young, to being on The Disney Channel.

Now, it’s no secret that often, ex-Disney Channel stars end up going buck wild sooner or later and the same has proven true for Jake, but I’m guessing since he was still somewhat in the Disney hemisphere at that point, that Tana was too and she had to really mind her P’s and Q’s. (Although honestly I don’t know why, it’s practically an open secret that anyone who’s former Disney and/or associated with Team 10 has quite a colorful resume.)

She said that they both bonded over not being able to really express themselves because as she was entering Jake’s world, she was also gearing up for her MTV series and I’m guessing it was these people that really put constraints on her and told her if she didn’t act a certain way that she would lose everything she had worked to build.

We’re all familiar with this type of relationship, it’s called “trauma bonding” and it’s actually not a very good foundation for a relationship, so when Jake’s trauma ended, it’s no wonder that he fell out of love with Tana. It’s still a little sad for her though, because it’s pretty obvious that she stil has feelings for him.

Maybe one day when he’s through daring people to fight and going all supa-saiyan, he’ll come back to Tana, but we’re not holding our breath. After all, he is with Julia Rose now. Tana from what we know, is still single, but has her share of Friends with Benefits. Stay tuned!!!

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