Youtuber Tana Mongeau Doesn’t Expect You To Pronounce Her Last Name Right!

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On the Unfiltered Podcast, Tana Mongeau was recently interviewed and as it turns out, people getting her name wrong is a lot more common than one would think, and she’s amazingly chill about it.

The hosts of the podcasts even admitted that they didn’t know how to pronounce her name at first, one even thought that it was “Tana Montague”, yes, like Romeo’s last name from Romeo and Juliet, and the other one said that he thought “Mojo” was just a cool way to pronounce it, like it wasn’t her real name, just a stage name she made up.

Youtube: Tana Mongeau doesn’t expect you to pronounce her last name right

While I could definitely believe that, after all, Tana is from Vegas and Vegas would naturally be a place where one would automatically think “Stage Name”, it’s not. That’s actually Tana’s name.

I myself always thought it was pronounced slightly differently, like the N came into factor somewhere and maybe it was more of a “eau” sound at the end than an “O” sound, but I’m guessing the authority on Tana’s name is Tana herself, she says ‘mojo’ so we’ll defer to her.

She says that her ex, Lil Zan, refers to her as “Mojo Jojo”, “Mongolese” or any variation on that particular nickname. He’s not the only one that gets it wrong, apparently Paris Hilton has been known to get it wrong as well, she pronounces it “Mongo” which just brings to mind images of dalmations, honestly.

I myself have heard it pronounced in some rather unflattering drama videos as “Mongoose”, which let’s be honest is just childish. There’s no S in there, guys.

Mispronounciations or not, Tana doesn’t seem that concerned with people getting her name wrong. I guess with as many scandals as she’s been through, a little mispronounciation is the least of her worries. But that brings me to another question, what is Tana actually short for?

I always thought she might have been named Santana but maybe it’s just Tana and short for nothing. If anyone knows, feel free to comment about that, I’ve always been curious. Stay tuned!!!

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