Youtuber Tana Mongeau Receiving Shocking Death Threats

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As recently as Dec. 28th, 2020, Tana was in Denver, Colorado at a vacation home. However it looks like she had to take her leave of the place early because she started receiving death threats.

She posted all about it on her IG story saying “Bye Denver!” but then later admitted that she actually hadn’t left Denver at all she had just left the vacation home itself and was just staying in a hotel because the threats had said that they were going to come to her vacation home and kill her.

I get that some people are mad at Tana for traveling during the Pandemic but death threats are kind of ridiculous, seeing as she is not the only online influencer to travel during the pandemic and they aren’t getting death threats (at least not to our knowledge), so why Tana?

Youtube: Tana Mongeau receives death threats

Some of you OG fans may remember that back in the early days, Tana had a stalker, and he was pretty dedicated. If you go far enough back on her channel you’ll see some videos dedicated to him. In her latest storytime she actually said she should do a stalker update because apparently the situation is ongoing, so that begs the question:

Did Tana’s stalker send the death threats? What is the deal on that situation? Did the stalker disappear once she was so publicly with Jake Paul (obviously not if she’s still commenting on it) do they still stalk her online, and why is she going out and flaunting herself so publicly if this guy is still a problem

? Obviously, Tana has some accountability issues, yeah, but come on, no one deserves death threats and a stalker. That’s just wrong.

Tana really hasn’t spoken much about her stalker in the past couple of years, I’m assuming because there is legal things at stake and that’s understandable, or maybe she just doesn’t want to give him the airtime that he so desperately desires, after all, that’s what stalkers want ultimately, is attention.

However, it was smart of her to flee the vacation home when she did, death threats and threats of bodily harm should always be taken seriously, We’re glad she’s okay, hopefully she will stay safe. Stay tuned!!!


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