’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Amira Lollysa Back In France From Mexico, Relationship To Andrew All But Done!

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Andrew Kenton, Amira Lollysa boarded a plane to Mexico and was supposed to meet Andrew at a resort, however, Mexico City was not having it and detained her at a detention center for three days before sending her back.

The thing is, allegedly Andrew had done all of his research and said that people were getting into the country via Mexico and driving into the United States that way. I don’t know where he did his research or if it were just a qanon theory he read somewhere, but Mexico City was not having it, detained Amira and promptly put her on a plane back to France.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Amira got sent back

Amira says that while she is glad to be safe at home in France (and seriously who wouldn’t be? After the conditions she described in the detention center.) that this was not the plan at all. Her Dad came to greet her when she got off the plane, expressing his worry for her.

She says she feels bad because she made her Dad worry, but she couldn’t help Andrew’s poor research. She said the reason that they ultimately sent her back was “no passport” but then she said that the Mexican Authorities handed her back her passport in the same envelope that they put the documentation in! So they were lying, they just didn’t want to allow anyone from Europe in because of COVID.

Her Dad was glad to see her, but he had a healthy dose of “I told you so” as well. She said that the reason why she ultimately went is because Andrew kept saying if she didn’t want to go then that meant she didn’t love him – excuse me, what, Andrew?

It’s a worldwide pandemic, desire has nothing to do with it! Her Dad said that he didn’t feel Andrew was the man for her, and that he felt like continuing with Andrew was a mistake, that Andrew would never change.

Poor Amira said that she still wanted to be with him, even after this, and that maybe if her Dad could just meet Andrew he would change his mind. The thing is – she said that he has not tried to contact her since she got back to France.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Why not, Andrew? 

I find myself agreeing with her Dad a bit here, just form the way that Amira described his desire to see her during a worldwide pandemic it seems like Andrew is a bit selfish and he needs to stop thinking of people other than himself for a change.

I’m starting to see why the local girls aren’t all that wild over him, they probably know about the selfishness and aren’t sold on it. Amira still wants to fix things… oh, Amira, you sweet, summer child. Stay tuned!!!

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