Telemundo Buscando A Frida Spoilers: Premiere night brings lots of questions

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Telemundo Buscando a Frida spoilers reveal this adaptation of a Chilean novela premiered last night on Telemundo. While we preferred the other show, La Suerte de Loli, this one showed some real promise in the drama department. Let’s take a look at the show and what’s ahead for the second episode.

Telemundo Buscando A Frida Spoilers: The premise

So, Buscando a Frida spoilers reveal Frida Pons Bribiesca (Victoria White) spent part of her father’s birthday celebrating with the family and sharing it with her online followers. Which, apparently, are many.

There were several shots of her live feed with comments/reactions popping up in the episode. However, she and some cousins decide to go out to a club, as they’re having a special night for teens.

Her father, Abelardo Pons (Eduardo Santamarina), is a powerful businessman and didn’t like the idea. Frida won, though, and he dropped them off, watching her and the others go inside.

Later on, the parents are all in a panic when the teens aren’t all outside waiting. This leads her father to throw his weight around to get some results.

By the end of the episode, Frida’s dress appears in a body of water and her family gets a not-so-surprising call. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Telemundo Buscando A Frida Spoilers: What we loved

First off, we loved the show La Piloto, so it was cool to see Arap Bethke in action again. While he played a drug trafficker in his previous role, he’s done a complete 180 here. He plays Martín Cabrera, a policeman who’s looking into Frida’s disappearance.

Also, we found it interesting to see her friends/cousins in action as well. Apparently, they’d lied about having a teen night. Instead, they used fake IDs to get in and partook in things their parents didn’t want them doing.

But here’s where it’s taking a strange turn. While being interviewed, Diego Carmona Pons (Germán Bracco) lied to the police about taking drugs, as did Ingrid Terán Pon (Ximena Martínez).

She obviously knew more details than she shared about what Frida was doing the last time she saw her that she chose not to share. Tomás Terán Pons (Mikel Mateos) lied as well.

He claimed he saw her talking to two girls. In reality, she was kissing Diego. A later scene put these moments in an interesting perspective.

See, Ingrid told Tomás she doesn’t trust Frida at all. She thinks Frida is perfectly fine and enjoying all the attention she’s getting. Either way, these kids are all hiding something and the police know it. You could tell by the way they were watching each wring their hands and tap their feet.

Telemundo Buscando A Frida Spoilers: What’s ahead

A call confirms to Abelardo that Frida’s in trouble. He must follow instructions to the letter, or else. It seems these kidnappers want to see the see the family suffer. This call must shake him badly, because Abelardo will have nothing to say to the caller.

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