Youtuber Trisha Paytas Calls James Charles a Sociopath & Narcissist, Also Drags The Ace Family!

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So, recently, in a tiktok video, Trisha Paytas (yes, she has a TikTok as well) came for James Charles, randomly calling him a sociopath and a narcissist after also dragging the Ace Family (Youtube family vloggers) for filth on her TikTok page, she compared the two by saying that she knew that James Charles was sociopathic and narcissistic but apparently the Ace Family was worse?

James Charles clapped back by saying “Keep my name out of your mouth you don’t know me.” which would be true, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen Trisha and James in the same room together, and I doubt that’s going to be a behavior that’s going to start now.

Youtube – Trisha Paytas came for James Charles

The thing is, Trisha had no reason to say the things that she said because as far as we know, aside from being youtubers, they do not even run in remotely the same circles. James hangs out with Nikita Dragun and a lot of TikTok stars, but Trisha seems to hang out with whatever old, washed up movie star will have her this week, or at least that used to be her MO.

She did date Jason Nash for a time, a long time, ad we thought they were going to be a thing but they broke up in a blaze of glory who’s embers still light up every now and again. (David Dobrik, anyone?) So, unless there was a secret meeting somewhere that was not filmed (and come on these guys are youtube personalities they wouldn’t miss a chance to get something like this on film!) then Trish has no basis for her claims at all. 

What even made her think of James Charles? Also when James clapped back she responded with, “James your cancellation will be epic.” like she spent most of 2018 living under a rock. The thing is about Trisha is that sometimes she’s just late to the game on the stupidest thing.

Anybody remember that video she posted where she rapped Gold Digger about 10 years too late? Yeah, it’s one of those situations. She thinks she has teeth but in this case, her bark’s definitely worse than her bite. As far as cancellation goes, I think the worst has already happened to James, he’s moved on from it, you can’t re-cancel a person to my knowledge. (Though God, don’t let twitter know, they’ll find a way.) Stay tuned!!!

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