Youtube Grudge Match: Gabbie Hanna vs. Trisha Paytas Rivarly Reaches Round 3

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As we all know, Gabbie Hannah took a break from youtube, twitter, and basically all social media for awhile to focus on her own mental health. She said that the time before that, when we had last seen her that she as at her absolute mental breaking point but she is better now.

Recently, she did a video entitled “Reacting to mean Gabbie Hannah Tiktoks” in which she commented on some tiktok videos made about her. One of the videos was made by Trisha Paytas and had Trish dancing to when Gabbie was ranting about high school bullies in her previous video. Wow, okay.

Youtube – Gabbie Hannah vs. Trisha Paytas round 3

Gabbie said that she didn’t really care about Trisha’s personal opinion of her but she was surprised to see that Trisha was just not all that sympathetic to her plight, at all. Gabbie thought that since Trisha has been open about her own mental health struggles that she would get a little bit more empathy out of her. 

Youtube – Boy was she wrong. 

Gabbie then when on Keemstar’s podcast to discuss the diss track that she was releasing for Trisha Paytas (Diss track, is it 2014 again? Pre-Covid? Why did no one tell me we’d traveled back in time!) Actually, she said that the song itself didn’t come from a place of hate, and that it was actually written for Trisha Paytas to sing, but because Trisha was not using it, Gabbie was just going to release it herself.

Keemstar proceeded to bring up the old drama between Trisha and Gabbie about the time that Gabbie had been called out for spreading rumors about Trish to a prospective boyfriend of hers. Keemstar even suggested that both Gabbie and Trisha be on the DramaAlert podcast at the same time, but Gabbie said that that would not be good for her mental health and honestly… I think we all kind of agree.

Trisha clapped back with a video of her own after watching the podcast telling Gabbie to leave her alone, and claiming that she was a psychopath who literally made things up out o thin air. She said that everywhere she goes in LA she always prays that Gabbie Hannah is not there for fear of running into her.

However this did not have the desired effect that Trisha wanted, and had people coming for her in the comments even more than they came for Gabbie in Keemstar’s comments. That didn’t deter Trisha from going on a full-tilt twitter rant though, quoting Keemstar’s tweet about the interview.

She basically said that Gabbie was a stalker and that Keemstar was giving a platform to a mentally ill person and that she had Gabbie on security camera footage but unlike Gabbie herself, she could not provide receipts.

Gabbie posted screenshots of text messages between her and Trisha Paytas documenting that at one time their relationship had been amicable and that Trisha had agreed to Gabbie writing a song about her.

Later, Gabbie posted an apology but the fact of the matter is Gabbie is posting receipts where these two obviously get along and Trisha, for all her claims against Gabbie, has never once provided proof of these security camera tapes, not once. So who’s telling the truth here? I guess we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!!

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