Youtube: Trisha Paytas collabing with Geoffrey Paschel?

Sometimes when travelling around youtube you see the darnedest things. Just a few hours ago while surfing the tube of you as one of my friends so affectionately calls it, I found a mukbang video that detailed a bit of particularly interesting tea. Normally, mukbang videos are just something you watch while chilling out and trying to shut off your brain or while you’re doing something else.

Essentially they’re background noise. Or if you’re in the mood and you’re one of those lucky people who have services like doordash, uber eats, or postmates then you order whatever your fav youtuber is having and sit back and have what essentially feels like a spill sesh with your best friend.

Youtube: Trisha Paytas collabing with Geoffrey Paschel?

In this particular mukbang which was uploaded 4 weeks ago, Trisha Paytas collaborated with Lena the Plug. (Yes I know quarantine was in full effect 4 weeks ago, yes, I know Lena is pregnant, no I do not approve of this lack of social distancing at all, but that’s another article for another time.)  Lena the Plug is another youtuber who is apparently a porn star?

Don’t quote me on that, I don’t follow her content, honestly, but they got to talking about their onlyfans content and then the topic switched to 90 day fiance. Suddenly Geoffrey Paschel’s name got brought up. Apparently at one time Trisha ahd considered doing some onlyfans content with him.

I think that we can all safely say that this is content that no one asked for. The only reason Trisha didn’t go through with it is because of Geoffrey’s recent court battle where he was accused of domestic violence. Geoffrey took to instagram after the first day of hearings to say that the truth shall be revealed and that according to him the first day went alright.

He even did the ‘Tebow’ pose in the IG post later, I suppose thanking the Almighty.  He better hope that the truth comes out because Trisha was alleging that rape was part of the domestic abuse charges but I thought that it was just assault and battery, which is… bad enough.

Still, I think everyone needs to get down on their knees and thank they Almighty that this collab never happened, literally, no one wants to see that. Wow, what’s with Trisha actually making sense in 2020? Stay tuned!!!

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