Youtuber Trisha Paytas Helps Sexual Assault Survivor Ava Louise Turn Things Around

So far in this year of 2020, things have been completely insane. We’ve had too many strange occurrences to happen, not to mention a global pandemic that is completely non-descriminatory in its victims, but one thing that we’ve been noticing in this year of insanity is the fact that Trisha Paytas, yes, that Trisha Paytas, the same Trisha that spent a decade crying on her kitchen floor over what her latest boyfriend has done to her, has actually started to make sense and now it seems that she is actually using her pull in the world to do some good for other people. Okay, now this is a Trisha that I can get behind!

YouTube: Trisha Paytas starts turning it around?

Recently, a smaller influencer by the name of Ava Louise had said on Twitter that there was video of her being raped at Rutgers University in the Tau Kappa Epsilon Frat House, she said that even though the incident had occurred many years ago, the video was still circulating and she was still being harassed and victimized by her perpetrators.

She sent out a message to her followers to retweet her message about the video and to tag Rutgers University, and apparently that is just what Trisha did in response. After Trisha’s tweet, Ava received the ammunition she needed. Including screenshots of an anonymous IG account disgustingly advertising the video of her assault saying, “DM for the video, this is already at every Greek group chat at Rutgers.”

Minutes later, the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity themselves contacted Ava for the information she had regarding the video and even though a formal investigation is forthcoming, she does have their attention now. Later, she tweeted at Trisha, “Got the ball rolling [clap emoji], Thank u Trish!”. This was a small action on Trisha’s part, but it was proof that sometimes the people that you’ve previously discounted are capable of more than you think. Now, not that this automatically negates everything Trisha has done in the past because we… all know… trust me, but it’s a step in the right direction. Stay tuned!!!

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