Youtuber Trisha Paytas Calls Out & Slams Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson!

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Trisha Paytas is the last person you would expect to start calling people out, especially when she has probably been the most problematic youtuber since 2011. (She started youtube earlier than that but I remember a lot of her problematic content started in 2011.) But in a really funny, tea-filled video Trisha went and called Tati, Jeffree and by proxy Shane out however it was mostly Tati. She wasn’t really defending her so-called friends though, even though she was a bit kinder to Shane telling her audience that while she didn’t stand by his past behavior and content, that she would stand by him as a friend.

However she proceeded to slam Tati for being the trending topic right now instead of using her platform to shed light on the case of Breonna Taylor, a young black woman who was killed in a no-knock raid in her home by police. She called her out for not saying a word during the Black Lives Matter movement, but that begs the question… did Trisha even do a video during the entire movement that wasn’t a video dedicated to a ‘get ready with me”? I mean, I’m a subscriber but I don’t always get notifications that her videos are going up so I don’t know if she even made a video herself discussing the situation. If she did somebody let me know!

Youtuber Trisha Paytas calls everyone out

Of the Jeffree Star part of the whole debacle she came out and said that as of today she is no longer a fan of Jeffree Star. Honestly, there’s no love lost there, Jeffree really didn’t like her to begin with according to a now deleted video by a good mutual friend of theirs in which Jeffree made fun of Trisha’s hair, makeup, the condition of her skin, and of course let’s not forget, her weight. She did apologize to that mutual friend however because now, and only now, is she acknowledging that Jeffree’s comments were the reason that she left that miserable weekend in Vegas. Oh, and speaking of miserable we just now know a detail that added insult to injury. Jeffree apparently had a balenciaga bag and a gift for Trisha but through some convoluted events ended up giving the bag away to drama youtuber Rich Lux so Trisha left the trip empty-handed. Wow, thanks Jeffree.

Although, for someone who’s supposedly worth $40 millllllion that’s a real bad look Jeffree, you could have just went out to any balenciaga store and bought Trisha a new bag and gift but I suppose even rich youtubers who literally drive rolls royces have to cut corners somewhere. I mean, the struggle is real, his wallet’s probably too small for his fifties (who are we kidding, hundreds), and his diamond shoes are too tight, know what I mean? Also, it’s bad form anyway it’s called a recycled gift Jeffree and no one wants them. Just ask anyone who’s ever received a fruitcake for Christmas. For someone who has made her youtube career about trolling people and being problematic on the daily, she actually made a lot of sense in that video. Which can only mean one thing… the apocalypse is near. Stay tuned!!!

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