’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: RIP Ariela Weinberg’s Nerves – ‘The Other Way’ In Ethiopia

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers tells that it’s part of Ethiopian culture and all, but can we just have a moment of silence for poor Ariela’s nerves? Seriously, she just gave birth to this baby and the second she gets home, they slaughter a sheep right in front of her.

Okay I’m sorry, happiness or not, I think they should have taken Ariela’s culture into account when doing this and maybe slaughtered the sheep before she got home, or perhaps just bought an entire rack of lamb at the store and have a cookout that way.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: RIP Ariela’s nerves

There was no need to get to know the sacrifice personally before slaughtering it. Okay, yeah, I get it, culture, but it really upset Ariela when she had to witness that. She didn’t want to see a sheep die upon her homecoming.

Now the aunts have barged in and want to come see the baby! Again, I get that it’s Ethiopian culture to want to get this kid baptized ASAP but come on, give poor Ariela time to decompress, people! The Aunts are saying that the baby needs to be held so that he doesn’t get a stomach ache, no, the baby needs to build up immunities first so that he isn’t wiped out by the first disease that someone brings into the home.

I get that they’re trying to help and this is their culture but this is ridiculous! The bad thing is, they basically took the decision away from Ariela and said that they were going to find a priest and do it anyway.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: And Biniyam is letting them!!! 

Culture or not, Biniyam needs to stand up to his aunts and tell them that they need more time to come to a decision about baptizing the baby. It looks to me like he is totally letting his aunts walk all over him and make all the decisions for him and that’s not fair to Ariela.

What if their son doesn’t gel with whatever brand of Orthodox Christianity that Biniyam’s family belongs to? He should be given the option to choose when he’s older. Sometimes that’s the for the best, when it comes to marriages of opposing faiths.

It just looks like Biniyam’s family is determined to bring him up in their religion and if Ariela was okay with that, it’d be one thing, but she isn’t and they’re disregarding her wishes as if she were an incapacitated child. Grow a spine, Bini!!!

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