YouTuber Jeffree Star finally FINALLY Speaks Out, Denies Tati Westbrook’s Claims & Says He Should Have Called James Charles

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What’s this? Has Jeffree Star finally ascended from the underworld to address Karmageddon? It looks like it! In a new video called “Doing What’s Right” he is allegedly addressed the problem, but has he really? I mean, to me this video seemed like a whole lot of nothing and I kind of wonder what the actual catalyst was for him finally speaking out.

Was it something behind the scenes that happened or did his actions finally cutting into the one thing he cared about, his bottom line, finally get to him enough for him to realize that hey, his actions have consequences. So what actually did happen?

In the apology video… I think we can call it that because he did apologize to James Charles. In a roundabout way he took responsibility but he was quick to throw some nameless people under the bus as well.

He said that what he should have done was call James Charles himself and get clarification of the ‘facts’ that he had been fed, but he never did that, instead he allowed other people to, in his words, ‘gas him up’ and get him riled to the point of cancelling James Charles. He did come out and personally apologize to James but he did say that he had never tried to take anyone down and that he wasn’t some villain in a movie. Mmmkay.

YouTuber Jeffree Star finally freakin’ speaks out

He denied the claims of Tati Westbrook saying that he would come for a lot of people and that he had receipts for days and that people should be afraid and ‘be ready to forgive’ when he came to end them.

Jeffree said that he wasn’t going to end anyone today and that as for the drama part of all of this he removed himself from it last year. He did say that behind the scenes however, his lawyers were handling things so we can definitely say that this has been taken to the next legal level.

Of Shane Dawson, he said that he does support Shane now and that he’s one of his best friends. He said of content that was posted 10 years ago that he did not know Shane ten years ago, nor did Shane know him 10 years ago, and that they do not condone each other’s past actions but that his silence was not a sign of him distancing himself from Shane or not being a supportive friend but…

I don’t know that just seems like a funny way of showing support, but whatever. We don’t know what went down in the DM so I guess we can’t really say there. (Unless Shane Dawson has something to add later, in which case we’ll keep you posted.)

Jeffree then went onto address his makeup brand in true Erica Cane fashion and said that he was so proud of his brand and what he had accomplished and that at Jeffree Star cosmetics ‘all beauty matters’ and that he has always encouraged all people of all races, genders, and sizes to embrace his product line and denied any kind of shaming at all in his company.

Okay, maybe the shaming didn’t directly take place in his company but I still find it hilarious that he included the word “sizes” after he made fun of Trisha Paytas, and morphe literally refused to give her a code for so long but I guess the kinder, gentler Jeffree will remedy that. We here at DSD will keep you abreast of the situation. Stay tuned!!!

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