Youtuber Jeffree Star Says He’s a “Changed Person”!

Youtuber Jeffree Star was accused, along with Shane Dawson of engineering the whole “Bye Sister” drama that caused James Charles to get cancelled by Tati Westbrook last year. It is said that they used Tati as a pawn and basically a mouthpiece to get James Charles publicly cancelled but the question is why though? Why would they do that? Because if they wanted to do that for Shane’s documentary series then that backfired on them tremendously because whatever that narrative was got way out of hand, way too fast and then the entire series shut down. And then most recently he was accused of saying bad things about Trisha Paytas while she was in Vegas with them on a trip that he paid for, he waited until she was out of the room to say them but the fact of the matter was, he still said them.

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However now, he’s acting very… above it all. Instead of coming out and setting the record straight about what he did or didn’t say or how he was involved in last year’s drama or not, he has decided not to say anything in his own defense. A move which is honestly… kind of a cop-out. Sure, there are some instances in which I can see not putting forth any kind of statement, especially if the situation wasn’t problematic but this is Jeffree throwing full-on human relationships under the bus, James Charles’ career got seriously damaged by all of it and now he’s choosing to take the high road and not say anything?

Youtuber Jeffree Star is a “changed person”? We’ll see about that.

Hate to say it but that looks more like an admission of guilt than anything. He has nothing to say in his defense so he’s decided not to say anything at all and let the chips fall where they may. He says he’s bored now and tired of all the drama surrounding him but honestly, it looks like he just doesn’t have anything to offer in his own defense. Which is kind of reprehensible, especially if he did conspire to ruin James Charles, seeing as Jeffree is almost 40 and James Charles was only 19 when he originally got cancelled. If Jeffree truly is not sorry and he engineered the cancelling of James Charles and said the things that he said behind Trisha Paytas’s back, then maybe he should just come out and own it. He’s always given a very flippant attitude about everything else so why should this be any different? He can’t be that desperate for the coin, he’s worth $200 million so he could afford to have several seats for a long time.

Although, I guess when you get that much money you can afford to pay people to say nice things about you, can’t you Jeffree? Oh yes, apparently there were people on Jeffree Star’s payroll that said nice things about him. I guess if he gets any good press, then we’ll know who’s signing the checks won’t we? Stay tuned! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit again Daily Soap Dish. Don’t forget to visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favorite daytime television soaps.