Morphe Drops Jeffree Star In Light of Massive Scandal, Karmageddon In Full Effect As Fashion Youtuber Still In Hiding

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Looks like this is the end of the road for Jeffree Star, with the brand Morphe at least. As we all know, after Karmageddon, the influencer has been hiding out and not addressing anything. Which has led a lot of people to speculate that he’s probably guilty as sin. Sorry Jeff, but it’s not a real good look, that thing you’re doing running and hiding. Although, who says he’s actually hiding, it seems to me that he’s just out there being a typical unbothered Scorpio by going out and being spotted on IG in someone’s pool, having mini pool parties. (No offense to Scorpios, I am one, but you have to admit that’s a classic Scorpio move.)

This distasteful look of this entire situation was not lost on Morphe and they made a statement saying that they will be cutting commercial ties with Jeffree Star. Good, right? Well, in theory. That didn’t make people happy either because Morphe didn’t word it correctly. Morphe only said they would be cutting commercial ties with Jeffree Star, they did not say all ties. “Wording matters!” said one of their social media followers. Indeed it does, but what else are they going to say, “We’ve decided to cut all ties with Jeffree Star and then took him out to the woodshed for a good talking to?” it’s not the old one-room schoolhouse, guys, we’re all adults here.

YouTuber Morphe drops Jeffree Star

I would think that Jeffree’s eventually going to take a financial hit from this, unless the rumor is true and he’s still partial owner of the company, that was never actually confirmed. If he is, then any financial hit he takes after this will be negligible and he’ll still be rolling around in a rolls royce while the people who pad his pockets are driving around in ford focuses. (No shade to ford focuses, seriously.)

As for Karmageddon, that is one explanation that I feel that we will be waiting on for a long time. Though who knows, maybe one of these days when we’re all old and gray and our grandchildren are asking us about what happened during Karmageddon, then Jeffree will release a video called “Deathbed Confessional: What really happened during Karmageddon.” and own up to what did, and didn’t happen during his youtube reign. Stay tuned!!!

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