Did Jeffree Star Make Men Perform Sexual Acts At Knife Point? Horrific Allegations Could Get Youtuber Cancelled For Good!

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Jeffree Star keeps going on and on about how he is a changed person, how that while he fully supports cancelling the Jeffree Star from a decade ago that he is no longer the same person and that he has changed but…  it kind of begs the question, has he really? Because according to a lot of people it would seem that he and Shane Dawson worked together in order to cancel James Charles last year, a drama that was literally spawned from James Charles hitting on an allegedly straight waiter and sending inappropriate texts to straight guys. However, some sources have said that it the waiter’s sexuality was actually a lot more ambiguous than it seemed when he was around James.

Even when I watched the video that Tati made on it last year it all seemed kind of like the whole deal was a mountain being made out of a literal molehill, I watched the video but I myself didn’t take a side. I am not a subscriber of James Charles, I only watch Jefree Star’s makeup reviews sometimes, however, I am a subscriber to Tati so I knew it had to be kind of big for her to get involved in cancelling someone but honestly, it seems like Tati was just used as a mouthpiece by Jeffree and Shane in order to cancel James. And is being wrong about someone’s sexuality that big of a taboo to where you would want to cancel someone’s entire career over it? Especially when Jeffree has allegedly done lots worse?

Has Youtuber Jeffree Star really changed?

Everyone knows by now that Jeffree has a questionable, racist past but it was recently discovered that along with being racist, there could be something lurking in Jeffree’s past that would possibly cancel him for good. Allegedly there was a time in Jeffree’s life in which he used to make men perform sexual acts on him at knifepoint. I must admit that made me view him in a different light, I always thought of Jeffree’s videos as funny, but hearing about this revelation made me re-evaluate that assessment and all previous assessments that I have made about Jeffree Star.

There is also some allegations that Jeffree Star may not be so colorblind after all because apparently he still uses that horrible n-word. Hard R. I get that growing past a racist idealogy is not accomplished in a day or even in a few months, and we are at a time and a place in history where everyone has growing and learning to do, but when you couple that with a person who plays fast and loose with the idea of enthusiastic consent… that’s where you lose people real fast. It’d be advisable to use your own judgement when consuming content belonging to Jeffree Star.

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