Coronation Street Spoilers: Viewers Praise Special Episode On Friday That Focused On Ed Bailey’s Fight Against Racism

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Coronation Street spoilers finds that fans were applauding the soap’s episode on Friday evening, as they were left emotional following Ed Bailey’s comments in the Bistro. Viewers have watched on all week as the new manager at the restaurant has made racial slurs aimed at Ed and his son Michael, but last night was the final straw.

The special episode was focused purely on the struggles of the Bailey family, and it highlighted just how exciting their addition to the Street has been. They have been a welcome addition to the soap and Trevor Michael Georges performance as Ed in last night’s episode was as hard-hitting and emotionally fuelled as fans have ever seen.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ed Stands Up To Racist

The episode focused purely on the Bailey family, as Michael constantly questioned why his father didn’t stand up the racist comments that Don was making. He revealed that he has been fighting all his life and has the scars on his body to prove it. Michael acknowledged the scars, but revealed that he can’t give up now and that he should stop being quiet and continue to fight.

Fight is exactly what Ed did later in the episode, after another sickening comment was made by Don about the entire Bailey family. That was a step too far for Ed as he quickly approached Don and urged him to share what he just said to the whole party. Don was stunned and froze, which led Ed to make a speech that left a tear in the eye of all viewers.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ed’s Emotional Speech

Ed began by admitting that he has had a lifetime of people calling him names, and that he has been called everything under the sun. He revealed that people have also made fun of his accent and asked him whether he can swim and people assuming he was a criminal. In a touching moment, he then referenced his son, as he admitted that he has learned that he can’t leave the fight for someone else and that he isn’t going to give up.

Ed then left the Bistro to have a drink in the Rovers. Dev was touched by his speech in the Bistro and reveals that he has been abused throughout his life- even in his own shop. Characters in the Rovers then had important conversations about racist abuse, with Kevin Webster questioning whether education was the reason as babies aren’t born as racist.

The hard-hitting episode was one of the most important of the year, with fans immediately noting the importance that the soap is addressing the issue. There was also a heart-warming scene to end the episode, as Ed finally reconciled with James as he finally accepted his son’s decision to come out as gay despite his profession and that he was 100% behind him for standing up for who he is.

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