Coronation Street Spoilers: Steve McDonald Demands Doctors To Be Honest About His Son’s Condition

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Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Steve McDonald will demand to know whether his son will make a full recovery next week. Oliver has been taken into hospital twice this week after suffering seizures. Nick Tilsley immediately speculated that he could have epilepsy, and enlisted the help of his brother David last night to educate Leanne Battersby about the condition.

Leanne didn’t take David’s sense of humour lightly as he revealed the news in a joking fashion. He revealed that Oliver will need a lot of rest and will need to avoid drinking alcohol. It is clear that Oliver doesn’t have the condition that Nick believes, and that seemed to dawn on him in last night’s epsidoe when he found Oliver having another seizure in his bed.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Oliver Rushed To Hospital

The young family had only just gotten back from the hospital. Steve stayed over for the night as he revealed that he would stay on the sofa to allow Leanne and Nick to have a good night’s sleep and he would look after Oliver. The toddler seemed to be back to normal in the morning as he was playing with Steve, which meant that he was able to leave him with Leanne so he could get some sleep.

However, Steve was handed the revelation that Oliver had been taken back into the hospital shortly after waking up. Tracey broke the news to him, and urged him to get ready quickly so that they could head to the hospital. The episode ended on Friday with Leanne, Steve and Nick given the update that Oliver was still having a seizure, and that the doctors would know more after they have finished tests.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Heartbreaking Diagnosis Next Week

Next week it will be confirmed that Oliver has mitochondrial disease. The news will be devastating for the family, as they are quickly told that the disease can slowly shutdown the organs of the body. Nick bluntly tells Leanne about the disease, as he urges her to be aware of all the possible options, and that he may not make a full recovery.

However, Steve will be hoping for a miracle after researching the disease online. He finds evidence that people are able to overcome the condition and lead a normal life. That leads to Steve having an ultimatum with doctors asking whether his son will die, or whether he can overcome the illness. The scenes next week are bound to shock viewers.

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