Coronation Street Spoilers: What Happens Tonight In Weatherfield?

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Coronation Street spoilers have teased that tonight’s visit to Weatherfield will be an explosive one, which will also include more heartbreak for Leanne Battersby and Steve McDonald. There will be fallout from Wednesday’s episode as Nick Tilsley will come to terms with Leanne’s decision to tell him to leave Oliver’s bedside.

The heartbreaking storyline centring around Oliver’s health will be one of the big storylines that continues tonight. But, there will also be additional attention on Ed Bailey’s storyline as he finally takes a stand and confronts Bistro manager Don. The confrontation will take place at the big re-opening of the Bistro.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Don Makes Another Remark

Viewers have been sickened over the past week at the remarks that Don have aimed towards Ed and his son Michael. He has clearly been abusing his power by making Ed and Michael work hard throughout the week and has constantly lamented the job that they have done, despite the fact that there is nothing wrong.

Michael has been stunned that Ed has let the comments go, but tonight he will finally confront Don. Tonight, Michael will question why Ed hasn’t stood up against the Bistro manager, and tells him that he should. Don finally goes a step too far as he abuses the whole of the Bailey family with a remark, and Ed can no longer hold himself back.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Whole Bistro Hears What Don Is Like

Ed’s outrage leads to the whole Bistro falling silent. Ed tells Don that he has been forced to suffer abuse at the hands of people like him throughout his life, but he is determined to make a change. Don will be stunned, but will finally get his comeuppance next week as Ray makes the decision to fire him and replace him with a new manager.

Meanwhile, Michael will also be persuaded to stand up for what he believes in this evening, as he promises his daughter that he will do everything within his power to ensure that she doesn’t have to grow up suffering the same racial abuse as he has. Tonight’s episode will be a hard-hitting one, but fans will be delighted that the soap are tackling such an important issue.

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