Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick Tilsley And Leanne Battersby Clash Leaves Viewers Divided

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Coronation Street spoilers finds that fans were left split on their feelings from last night’s ending to the soap. The tensions were running high as Leanne Battersby, Nick Tilsley and Steve McDonald sat by their son’s bedside. Leanne and Steve were told last week that their son has mitochondrial disease, which limits the life of those that have it.

The doctor repeatedly told the couple not to look online as there is a lot of false information online and that they still need to confirm whether that is what Oliver really has. However, Steve couldn’t help but look and quickly found out that there were numerous stages of the illness. He revealed that some that have it go on to lead normal lives. He quickly urged Leanne that they should find out what they are dealing with.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Steve Demands Answers

Steve goes into the office with the doctor all guns blazing as he demands to know what stage they believe Oliver is at. He struggles to trust the doctor that they are seeing and believes that she is hiding something away from them. Steve berates the doctor later in the episode revealing that he wants to know whether his son will live or die.

The discussion was too much for Leanne as she immediate runs out of the room after Steve reveals that there is a chance that her son could die from the illness. Later in the episode, Steve, Leanne and Nick are all around Oliver as he sleeps. Steve and Leanne talk about their earliest memories of their son, but that proves too much for Nick.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick Leaves The Hospital

Nick is trying his best to handle the situation, but his emotions came flooding out in last night’s episode. He revealed that the situation is potentially fatal and that Leanne and Steve shouldn’t be laughing and joking about Oliver’s life. Leanne is stunned by Nick’s attitude and demands to speak to him outside.

Nick reveals that he feels uncomfortable laughing while they don’t know the full extent of Oliver’s problems. Leanne doesn’t hold back and viewers were split when she told him that he isn’t the father and that she should leave because she can’t look at him at the minute. Viewers will know that Nick has raised Oliver like his own, so that comment would have undoubtedly stung. But, is there a way back for them?

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